Youth is wasted on the young;

Having random thoughts now as I'm lying on the carpet with cookie.

Really hard to understand humans sometimes. Or rather, certain beings.
We fight but sometimes is it really worth fighting for in the end; are we making right choices, are we happy?


Finally met up with my leila friend on saturday night for dinner and a movie.

Watched Begin Again because I thought he would be the only one among all my friends to appreciate this with me too?
Apparently he wanted to watch Tom Cruise (wtf zzzz hahaha), but I don't think there's any movies starring him at the moment right? Hahaha

Pic credits to google

So the movie is rather nice, especially when there is Adam Levine (though he was the asshole in the show) but main female lead Keira Knightley actually sings in the movie! She has this very "clean" voice, refreshing and sweet. Makes you wanna switch on her songs everytime you drive? Haha

Meaningful movie la.
And really meh, every author/singer earns a buck per every book/album they sell? Honestly, seriously, no kidding?
If so, some justice needs to be done lol

Jupiter/Allure with the guys and Leila for awhile afterwards.

Got quite upset when the bouncer at the entrance mistook me as a Thai-girl just in case anyone wanna talk about how I dress, I was wearing a white top and AA hw jeans with absolutely no showing of my skin (except my arms lol)..

(No offence to any thais reading this just that.... Not a girl at that kind of place la....)


A year ago in the month of July the hub and I had our ROM.

So fast right.. one year actually passed so quickly!

We got each other gifts and these are from him to me...

The sunflower was super random because I only got it today after work?
And I'm worried how will it survive throughout these 6 days when we are away :(


Gotta go, need to get on with my last minute packing.
Have a good day ahead all you!

I'm counting down : Less than 24 hours to BANGKOK OMGGGGGGGGG!

Weeeee bye

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