Cafe shopping last week : ft Kith Cafe, Poteato Cafe, The Park & Omasake Burger!

Last week was really full of some serious cafe-shopping hehe.

The cafes I've visited are :
- Kith Cafe
- Poteato Cafe
- The Park Cafe
- Omakase Burger

Kith Cafe

Went there last Tuesday with C, the one at Park Mall.

The weather was rather hot so we opted to sit inside instead of outdoors, though the interior is really
quite small.

(Exterior/Interior pics credits to google)

We sat here, minus the cookie jars hahaha

We ordered :

Pancakes $14

Sirloin Steak Sandwich $20

Food was quite meh honestly.
I was rather disappointed with the pancakes.
The sandwich was quite hard - toast is too cripsy, the steak not juicy at all.
The yummiest would be the chips.

Would go back to try the Red Velvet Cake and coffee but not the mains.

@aggylow rates :
(out of 5 ♥)

Price - ♥♥ ($11-$20)
Food - ♥♥
Ambience - ♥♥♥

Kith Cafe
Park Mall, 9 Penang Road #01-01E s238459 (Dhoby Ghaut)
6338 8611


PoTeaTo Cafe

Was at Tiong Bahru on friday night, wanted to cafe hop but to my disappointment by the time we were there many cafes were already closed (around 8pm).

So we were left with not many choices, of one which includes the PoTeaTo Cafe.
Okay la actually the hub booked this cafe in the first place so we settled for this one in the end.

The reason why I wanted to go to another cafe was because the PoTeaTo Cafe don't really look enticing from the outside.
Really, I mean it.
If you are there probably you will understand what I mean.

(Exterior/Interior pics credits to google)

Looking at the menu.....

I actually thought the prices were a little too steep?
And the brunch menu is only available for weekends, though we were there on Friday but
I guess Friday is not considered as weekend to them, so no brunch dishes :(

On the food..

We ordered -

Teriyaki Salmon $17 - Hubby's dish 
I thought this dish was a little too fishy in taste for my liking though the hub enjoyed this quite a lot.

Potato dippers $10 - Our favorite dish
A very light and lovely dish with very real "potato" taste.

This was my order - Eggless Chocolate Cake $8 For the taste, definitely not worth the price. 
Taste like the Betty Crocker Cake Mix cake to me. 
Quite disappointed in this and will never eat it again.

He enjoyed his time there, but not me.
I wasn't happy with the food, and I felt even worst for the steep prices.
Total damage was $35, an unsatisfied tummy and a half-eaten chocolate cake.

Will not come back again.

@aggylow rates :
(out of 5 ♥)

Price - ♥ ($11-$20)
Food - ♥♥
Ambience - ♥♥♥

PoTeaTo Cafe
78 Yong Siak St #01-18 s163078 (Tiong Bahru)
6221 2488



The Park Cafe

My favorite of all the cafes I have visited in the week.
Pocket-friendly prices, great food & ambience plus good attentive service.

Situated at Holland V, this cafe is actually dog-friendly.
The waiter even gave cookie a water bowl!

Ambience was light and great, and we had a good time hehe.

And so did Cookie :D

My #ootd - Geometric Shift Dress (:

The food we ordered :

Chicken Burger $15.50
Great because not only it was really yummy, serving was rather big and
you are free to choose any sides you want!

Pancakes were really cute, and not too expensive, $9.50.

Truffle fries!
Really yummy with strong truffle taste, I think the price is $10 or $11.

Tea, $6.
Love that it is served in a pot and waiters/waitresses are happy to refill for you!

Even the toilet also very nice right :D

Heh heh Joke of the day lollllll

I really like it here, though I hope they could have a wider range of desserts.
I would definitely come back again.
Highly recommend this place!

@aggylow rates :
(out of 5 ♥)

Price - ♥♥♥♥  ($6-$20)
Food - ♥♥♥♥
Ambience - ♥♥♥

281 Holland Ave #01-01 s278996 (Holland)
6796 9330



Omakase Burger

My friends and I went to the outlet at Wisma.
This place is more like a bistro more than a cafe.

Highly raved for their burgers and many choices of fries, I indeed have had high expectations of their
burger/fries even before trying it personally.

There were 3 of us and we ordered :

Mine - Omakase Cheeseburger $14.90
Beef Tallow Fries $5.95

Ultimate Cheeseburger $19.50 +
Truffle fries $7.30

Ultimate Cheeseburger $19.50
+ Cheese fries $6.30

They do not offer any set meals, except that when you order a drink, they will minus $1.95 off your burger+fries+drink bill to make it a "set".

Beef Tallow fries was a great disappointment.
No taste of the beef, we felt quite cheated.
Initially I thought there were beef bits on top, but no, supposedly the fries were fried in some beef oil, but no it tastes like normal fries.

Cheese fries and truffle fries were not so bad, but fries turned soggy pretty quickly.

Burger was yummy, but too small for the hefty price.

This place is good for a try, but never to go back again because it is too expensive!
$14.90 for a normal cheeseburger?
Not for me.

@aggylow rates :
(out of 5 ♥)

Price - ♥  ($15-$20)
Food - ♥♥
Ambience - ♥♥

Omakase Burger
Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road #01-37 s238877 (Orchard)

Some pictures of the day... :D



Happy midweek!
再见大家 :D

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