Today's the 2nd day of October :D
Time flies and I'm counting down.....

to my London/Paris trip yayyyyyy :D

This week was pretty easy for me, spent Tuesday on a date with the husband.

Was thinking of doing something funny with him, will see how it goes :D

We were pretty hopeful and went to Working Title Cafe for brunch, only to be disappointed in the end.
The cafe itself looks pretty cool but honestly everything about it was not worth it.

Menu really seems enticing, but when the food arrived, the only thing that we both like was the curly fries.

Pretty upset to see the fries that came with hubby's burger was like pathetically little?
(Yea I could like count it, around 15? lol)
And one funny thing was as compared to the table next to ours, the lady ordered the same thing but the amount of fries she's got was like a heap.

I was like, "Whoa?"

If you want to run a cafe/food place, make sure your proportions are almost the same?
People talk, and worst, the people who serve the food (same waitress gave us and the next table the burgers) don't even bother that it is not right/same proportion?

So utterly disappointed.
I'm not particularly in love with fries or purposely trying to find some trouble with the cafe, but this is a matter of principles.

Never mind the long 1 hour wait,
never mind the super salty burger patties,
never mind the rude person at the counter,
never mind the fact that I ordered scrambled eggs but a tasteless omelette was served instead,

but the fries issue, I cannot accept.

Nothing but a total waste of money, time, and effort to go there.
Nothing but a disappointment.

Working Title Cafe, I will never visit you again.

(No pics of food because I can't be bothered to edit and post, sorry.)

Working Title Cafe
48 Arab Street

Ratings : (out of 5♥)
0 / 5

Town afterwards for some shopping..

Style of the day :

Navy Blue Crop Top
Gold Chain Necklace
White Origami Shorts
@shopaggyl's Celine Inspired Phantom Bag
@lovebonito's Wine Red Sandal Heels

This dressing is perfect for Singapore's humid weather!
Quite chic yet casual at the same time :D


Some random photos taken over the weekend and past few days..

The one thing I will never regret doing will be : BRACES :DDDDDDD

Some of you visited me at the flea, we took some photos but was only tagged in one, so please tag me
the rest, thank you :D
And thank you all for coming!

For those who came, whom either didn't get to see me or didn't come up to me and say hi, please do next time should we meet again! :D


Partying with the ladies on Saturday..
(What an experience...:P )

And with my beloved..

Cookieboy ♥


October's going to be fun and exciting, looking forward ^^


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