Whuuuuuuut up!


Time really flies so fast this year don't you all agree?
It's november already!

How was your halloween night??? :D

I was pretty tired so we didn't head out for much fun plus I'm to work on Saturdays too~~~ :(


I guess November is a month that I've been really looking forward too, to many things coming up like my Students' Concert Recital, a little secret that I will be revealing soon, and also my London/Paris Trip.

If you don't already know, I am going to London/Paris end of this month and it is for a music exchange program that is happening over at the Royal College of Music in London.
Pretty excited because I had always took the ABRSM since I started learning piano and finally I get to visit the place where it all started from :D

And also, other than the 3-day-workshop that I am going through, the rest of the days I get to travel around London - all by myself :D

And just two months ago, I made a super impromptu decision to.......stay a week longer! :D

So I could visit Paris and spend all the time I need/want in beautiful London (:

This is such a huge step for me in life, and this year -  because I am actually considered as travelling alone in such a foreign-foreign country!
If anyone of you might think it is a decision of a lonely person.....only it is not. :D

In life people want to accomplish different things.

And for me, it is to travel alone, carefree, fuss-free and happy.

I first traveled alone when I was 19 - Indonesia.
Not much but I fell in love with the serenity of slow bus/taxi rides, the time where you will finally be able to take your own sweet time to do whatever you like.visit wherever you like and not worry about the time and anyone, and also the different experiences that you go through being alone in a foreign country trying to beat the many odds and being strong for yourself.

Then on to Bangkok, but then again, nothing much.
And now, I am addicted.

So, my 14 day trip to see Big Ben and Eiffel Tower starts officially in 17 days' time.

pic credits : google


Mummy's Birthday, celebrated on 2nd of November, Sunday. :D

She wanted to celebrate it somewhere "special", so we headed to Quayside Isle.

If you don't already know....

Quoted from their website :

"Located in the exclusive Sentosa Cove and next to the W Singapore - Sentosa Cove (hotel) and the luxurious The Residences at W Singapore - Sentosa Cove, Quayside Isle is the first and only F&B and retail destination within the luxury waterfront precinct. Quayside Isle offers more than 20 exciting concepts with a food selection of specially curated new-to-market restaurants, new dining concepts from established groups, and specialty retail stores."

Really quite a cool place I must say.
But then again, you need a car to drive in.

Entrance per car was : $3
Parking fee : $3.50 (we stayed for approx 2 hrs)

We have 5 pax in total so it was quite worth it.
Oh and what's more, that place is ENTIRELY pooch friendly.

It's like a mixture of Sentosa feel + Robertson Quay feel.
No sand but there's boats everywhere.

Let pictures do the talking....

Pretty cool place I would say.
Worth a visit if you are bored of the places you have already been to in SG.

Prices there - you can expect to be a little steep though, but well worth it, once in a while (:


Getting high with the family~


Anyways, I will be updating less often as of now, so if you want more updates do follow me on instagram and twitter (locked so you need to request!) :D

There will be something special coming up, something that I have been working on and I hope to get it done by next week.

I have yet to plan my London itinerary, yet to pack and I'm very very busy with all my piano lessons with the students as we have an upcoming student recital concert.

Oh yes, if you are interested, please check out "Piannisimato"'s facebook page if you are keen to find out more about my job :P

Have a goooooood week and weekend! ♥

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