Baaaaack... to time, finally


If you all might know I am finally back from my half a month trip to London/Paris :D
(half a month sounds much longer than 2 weeks :P)

How's my trip?
Did I have fun?
What did I do there?

Okay I figured I shan't bore you all with too much details about what happened every single day, rather, I will blog about this trip in different parts on some highlights (places to go, food to eat, what to buy).

Additionally, I came back with a bag of cosmetics and skincare products (hehehe) from Lon/Paris so I will be doing a video on my haul separately.

I will also try to compile some vlogs that I have done and post it up, and an additional special video which I am still trying to brainstorm on it.
Meanwhile, bear with me.

Chillax~~~~ It's the festive season!

Okay I gotta go arrange and do some editing to all my videos/pictures.

Hopefully I can start something by tonight ♥


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