My Braces Journey : 6 month update


Time really flies so super fast and today marks the 6th month and 2 days from the very day I had my braces on...

Let's take a look on the changes of my teeth and how much they have shifted so far...

From the 1st day...

To the 2nd month....

And the most recent ones.... 6th month :D

All teeth straightened, but there are still relatively many gaps to fill!
Hopefully my teeth shift even faster.

Spoke to the dentist and he mentioned that I might not need 2 full years before I remove my braces.
Was elated to hear that, but quite worried about aftercare.

My friends are all scaring me with things like, "after that confirm slanted again one," "you try to wear retainers see painful or not lor," "aiya we see how long you can maintain your set of straight teeth"....

So negative right :(

Oh well, I just hope it will all be fine and well for me.
And this time I changed my braces' bands to baby blue colour instead because the last few months I always had white ones (so my teeth will look white in photos) but they all turned yellowish ewish colour because I DRANK TOO MUCH COFFEE SIGH :(

I love coffee.
But hate yellow-bands-teeth-what-nots.

So blue it shall be this time~~~~~~~ :D


Okay gotta run.
Have a few more entries and two videos to do up :(((((((


P/s : Some of you are asking me where to read my older entries. You can find them under archives or the top navigation "LABELS" and look for any labels on any blog entries you might wanna read :D

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