Yacht Experience - ONE°15 Marina Club @ Sentosa Cove

Hello all!

So if you follow my instagram, you would know that I celebrated my Daddy's birthday recently
on a yacht.
We actually spoke about this last year and contemplated on whether to go ahead with this plan
or not because my Dad has sea-sick issues :P

But he actually really wanted to, and we went ahead!

Do realise that this is not an advertorial!

So here we are at ONE°15 Marina Club @ Sentosa Cove!

I swear the skies looked like they were about to rain :(


Out we go!

Family wefie! :D

Our really nice skipper and crew!

Captain Cookie on board :D

There was a kayak for us to play with :D

My cool Daddy and I :D

Hehehe he looks so happy!

Handsome face hehe

Hao lian~~

Funnily enough my Dad didnt get any sea-sick but I did.
It was so horrible for me T.T
We stopped nearby at St John's Island for a stop-over and barbecued food.

Kayak-ed, played with this cute float and attempted to swim in the waters.
(Quite scary I swear because you don't know what's in the waters)

I used to be an adrenaline junkie but now really, old liao.
Everything also cannot/scared/bth.

Sigh :(

Since everything also cannot/scared, nevermind let's get cookin'

The sun was too bright and we really did try to open our eyes :(

Catch of the day = NONE T.T

Close-up shot of a fishball by @alexchoooo

With my pretty Mumsy


Actually he really quite qi-lian

The yacht!
Doesn't look much but we really enjoyed ourselves!

Now it's my turn to kayak!

The colours so nice hor :D

Our float-of-the-day!

Really hard to get Cookie to take a photo because he was fidgeting about!
Nevermind try again later!

The mini family shot


She really wanted Cookie to go with us and it took me pains to find this Yacht that
allows dogs T.T

He was shivering when we took these photos.
Maybe I dont make him feel secured enough :(

Sulking and tying my hair when I was told my hair was in a mess hahaha

My parents' turn!

Hehe love this shot!

Then my brother joined.
They really look like they took this float, and 漂洋過海!


We were mesmerized by our surroundings, really.

Someone commented my top was nice and emailed in to ask where I got it from :
Cotton On (but 2 years back I think!)


All of us sitting at the front of the yacht.
So windy!


Birthday cake and song for the Birthday man.

Just freaking love him in shades hahahahaha


End of our 5-hour long yacht experience.

Goodbye ONE°15 Marina Club!

Overall it was quite a fun experience.
We didn't manage to catch any fishes but all the swimming, kayaking, barbecuing, talking,
laughing and spending time together out at sea was such a heart-warming experience for
my family.

I heard that someone propose on this yacht to his girlfriend too!
So if you want to go out to sea with a great view and have some fun with friends/family,
this is a great way to go!

Not to mention they allow dogs on board too!

Contact Peter @ 8481 0378
Visit their facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/OurFleets

This is not an advertorial, just a mention because I enjoyed my stay and to help save you guys
the hassle to source for yourselves!

Agnes (:

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