Bloggers' Event : Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Bloggers' Tea Session

Last Friday, my partner-in-crime (Chev hehehe) and I were both invited to an event by Bio-Essence to introduce their Miracle Bio Water and also its entire range of products that is suitable for sensitive skin!

A little about Bio-Essence :

"Bio-essence has always been on the forefront of innovation to develop effective new products catering to the needs of the consumers and offering a variety of highly popular products to help you achieve and maintain gorgeous, healthy skin. 
 These specially formulated products include the 3rd Generation of the Shape V Face Series with ATP to provide 3X the benefits and the latest 24K Bio-Gold with Birds Nest Essence Series for double the effects."

This tea session was set at Bliss House Restaurant, and I must say I really love the interior/decor of this restaurant as it literally feels like you have stepped into wonderland!

Hehe such a gorgeous location right!! :D

Okay back to the event itself...

We were first greeted by a table allocated to us, with a goodies bag and also products from the Miracle Bio Water series.
There is also a test for us to do on-the-spot to test our skin's temperature and moisture level before and after spraying on the Miracle Bio Water!

I might have forgotten to take any photos due to the excitement of doing this mini-experiment/skin-test but I must say, I do have a lower skin temperature and higher moisture levels on average measured on my skin after spraying on the Miracle Bio Water!

A talk was given to us on the Miracle Bio Water and its related products in the entire range!

Actually the Miracle Bio Water was already in existence prior to this event, but Bio-Essence changed the spray and also gave it a new look!

The Miracle Bio Water is said to be ideal for sensitive skin(hypoallergenic) because of it's very low salt content!
It has a salt content of only 2.432 mg/L, compared to it's competitors which have 13.3 mg/L and 394.2 mg/L salt content respectively!


Because the lower the salt content, the lesser the chance of it to absorb skin's moisture to ensure best moisturizing effects!!

The full range of skincare products offered by Bio-Essence!

Of course, a tea party/session will never be complete without some yummy food and tea! :D

And also, not forgetting to mention the very very fun session we had when we get to....


Taken from Bio-Essence's FB Page..


Can't seem to embed the post on my blog, but if you like my Dressed up Miracle Bio Water, do like this photo on Bio-Essence's #MyRightMiracle Masterpieces' photo album okay? :D

Thank you! 

Please like this photo if you like how I dressed my Miracle Bio Water up, okay?
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WHAT exactly is the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water??

It is a Bio Water suitable to cool, sooth and moisturise you skin instantly!
It can be used on the face, the body, hair and even for babies as it is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic (ideal for sensitive skin) - it can be used by anyone literally!!
For the record, I even tried it on Cookie.
He was pretty irritated with the misty spray but I'm sure he appreciates the cooling after-effect! xD

WHEN to use the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water??

Hehe this one is pretty interesting.

To answer your question, I took some photos of the "mini-projects" put together by the Bio-Essence team to show us that the Miracle Bio Water can be used....

 While you travel - we all know our skin tends to get really dry while we are on the planes!
This one can also perk us up during long flights, and I loooooove the idea of that - refreshed looking face even after a long flight!
(Yes they have the 100ml ones so you can bring it with you even onboard!)

 In the bathroom - after doing your makeup, this can help to refresh your face so your makeup can last longer and look more dewy/natural!
It can also help to soothe any dry and itchy skin, especially for those of you who have eczema (do double check with your doctor to be safe!).

In the bedroom - it can help to conveniently hydrate your skin and hair when you need it, especially for the fact we sleep in air-conditioned rooms most of the time!

And actually.... anywhere, really!
I brought the 100ml out with me this week while I was having lessons and sprayed it on my face when I feel lethargic or tired and immediately felt more refreshed!

For the record, my makeup really lasted longer and I didn't have to do much blotting as my face did not oil up as much as it normally would!

HOW to use the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water??

Just open the cap, make sure the nozzle is facing the area you want to spray (HAHAHA sorry I have to add this because sometimes the nozzle faces elsewhere when I spray on my hairspray/perfume zzzz) and just SPRAAAAYYYY! :D

To prove to you that this can be used anytime, I sprayed the Miracle Bio Water on my face during the event while the other bloggers were mingling around and yes I have full-face makeup on and even my eyelash extensions :P


To complete your skincare regime, you are advised to use the products of Miracle Bio Water's entire range which consists of...

The Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover
The Miracle Bio Water Cleansing Gel (Soap-Free)
The Miracle Water Foamy Cleanser
The Bio Water Power Protection Sunscreen SPF 50

I have not personally tried the other products except for the sunscreen.
It is light-weight, not greasy AT ALL and said to be able to be used as a makeup base!!
I am pretty sold by these facts and can see myself using it pretty often in the near future!


If you are still skeptical about the Miracle Bio Water, why not just give it a try?

Head on HERE to redeem a FREE sample!
It's just this easy! :D
(Valid from 15th May onwards!)

I had a very fun-filled evening and saw many familiar faces, and even managed to meet some of my instagram friends in person (finally!)! :D
Thank you so much for having us, Bio-Essence Singapore! :D

And also, thank you for this amazing product, the MIRACLE BIO WATER!

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Thank you for reading!

Agnes :D