My purple hair journey with Artica Hair Studio!

Hello everyone!

This entry will be about my purple hair journey with Artica Studio!
Okay the story goes like this..

I was looking for cooler ways to style my hair because it has always been either brown or black.
The craziest I have ever gone is to do it red.

And gosh I hate it.
I think I look ugly in red imo...
No offence to anyone with red hair, it's just me I'm sure!

So I know that Artica Studio has always been very good in doing balayage and ombre.
And so, I know I have to try, at least once.

(Pic grabbed from google)

Initially I wanted faded pink, but was told my the hair stylist that they have neon pink which will fade over time to become the pink I wanted.

BUTTTTTT.... my parents will freak.
And the parents of the kids I teach too.

The second option I have is purple.
(It still turned out pretty bright anyway hahaha)

Senior hairstylist Kenny from Artica Studio has been doing my hair!
I loveeeeee the results that he's obtained and it makes me want moreeee.

 Hehe byebye brown hair!

 I'm eating my favourite HK Egg Crispy.
I love it!
Who's with me?? :D


Yaaaaayy and it starts!!!

So funny this heating machine is in the design of a soccer ball xD

Director Juno took this shot of me while I'm doing my hair.
I remember I was like "omggggg so fat my face hahahahaha"

It might seem short but honestly I sat there for about 4 hours!
But no pain no gain..
I want my purple ombre, so let's wait it out! :D

 Haha this pic was pretty funny because I recalled I sent it to Chev and I went, 
"See, drastic change. I cut my hair into spikes and boy style. Nice?"

Then she replied, "HUH REALLY MEH???"

But she quickly realised I was joking.
So smart heh.

Weeeee I can have golden blonde hair toooooo.
Okay la it's bleached to obtain my purple hahahaha


Welcome to my life purple hair!

Okay I admit, at first I really was very skeptical.
But it turned out... REALLY CHIO LEH!

See the front and back???

Nice right!!

In a few weeks' time I am expecting it would fade out to this....

(Sorry whoever you are, I just want to grab a pic of your hair colour - pic from google)

But till then, I'm loving my purple ombre :D

So must take more selfies right :D

Actually I quite like the pink part leh.
Should I go pink next???


Thank you so so much to the very skillful Kenny! :D

And special thanks to Director Juno for trusting that I can go purple :P

I'm in love with my purple hair, thank you Artica Hair Studio once again!

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Promotion mentioned on my previous entry on Artica Hair Studio still applies! :D

Artica Hair Studio
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Thanks for reading!

Agnes ♥