Neutral Ground.

Hey all!

Realised I haven't done a Style Post in a longest time, so here's one!


Neutrals are really awesome; They are so understated and you will never go wrong in them as you can wear them anytime, any day.

Any neutral shade can help tone down your look - think simple, chic and elegant!

Really fancy this outfit so much that I have to rave about it.

To successfully create this neutral palette, I used shades of greys, nude and white.

To make sure everything looks coordinated and not too overpowering, I chose some simple silver accessories to go with this outfit.

These shoes are my current favs - as I wanted to add a slight touch of sophistication, I decided to wear them because of it's unique lace-up design.

White Top : KissJane
Grey Velvet Skort : PurpurSG
Grey Bag : ShopAggyl
Lace-up Shoes :

Never think that going neutral is boring, because through proper styling, neutrals are actually very flexible, versatile and stylish!

I really like to pair neutral colors with white, black or brown; it helps make all neutral shades look really classic and extremely wearable on a daily basis.

How about you?
What are your favourite nude shades?

How about try putting some of your favourites together and wear it for your next occasion/outing and see how you'd like it?

Photo credits : @alexchoooo
Editing : Agnes Low

P/s : I have some exciting news to share, but will wait till everything is more confirmed.
So, till then! :D