Self-ranting + TACT Singapore

Written : 19/9/2015 3.06am

Sometimes you just wonder what are you doing with your life.
You envy others, and then put yourself down.

Then when you can start doing something about it, you procrastinate and it all start over again.


This is one of the nights when I actually start to doubt myself again.
It's never-ending.

I want to succeed, maybe in my own way.
Shall not envy and accept the things I cannot change.
Shall do what I can to make the good things happen.

I should cherish because I have some things others might not.
And what seems happy might not be true in life anyway. :D

Felt like I'm talking to myself....zzzz....


Updated today : 20/9/2015

Rant mode off.

Anyway, with the recent launch of TACT Singapore, I have been duper busy.

As you all can see, the concept is more of contemporary and minimal - yes this is more of me although I really like to try different styles too.

 Disparate Crossover Pants $28
Wunderland Floral Top $26

If you are wondering why the prices are a little high for our first launch, it is because
we really bring in good quality items that we promise is worth the value.

I believe that many of you would love to be able to wear apparels that can undergo
many washes and not fade/go out of shape, right? (:

 Meld Ribbed Top $25
Soho Faux Leather Snapback $18

This snapback cap is not your typical cap that you can buy anywhere.
The faux leather is of such thick and good quality that it doesn't easily go out of shape.
My current obsession :D

 Fine Lines Cami Top $23
Joe Cropped Flare Denim $28

This outfit above seriously needs more loving from you all!
Do you all know flare jeans are all the craze now, especially cropped ones?
They make you stand out and make your legs look really long.
Trust me on this (Y)

 Wunderland Floral Top $26
Crepe Tailored Pants $28

My favourite bottom by far.
This pair is so comfy yet versatile and extremely stylish.
Throw on slippers/sandals for casual day-out look or heels for the super chic look!

Surge Dress $28

Currently all sold out, not even available for backorders anymore.
So gorgeous right this piece?!
For a more laid-back and casual look wear it as is.
Or switch it up into something more chic with a mid-waist belt! 

 Calypso Slippers $26

Also selling like hotcakes, and my current to-go slippers.
Friends who hang out with me will see me often in a simple top and denim pants + THIS PAIR.
So casual, minimal but fashionable! 
I like!

Asylum Slit Set $40

They say save the best for the last.
This one is really my absolute favourite out of all.
I understand you might worry about the exposure of skin and all, but
how can you miss such a unique design seriously?

Currently one last set available.
I have one in my wardrobe too :P


Currently we are having TWO GIVEAWAYS on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM respectively.
Either you win shopping vouchers or an apparel of your choice!!!


I am currently in the midst of preparing for the next launch in two weeks' time, and a little news to share.....

I am going to post something a little different on my Youtube Channel 
this week!
Can't wait?

Then subscribe to me on Youtube now to get the first-hand updates! :D

And I'm heading to Bangkok on friday with my girlfriends so follow me on Snapchat to go virtual travelling with me okay??

Hehe :D

Thank you all for the constant support.
Couldn't have done it without you all, my family and friends too :D

Thanks for reading!


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