Review : Le Queenz Beauty Salon (Facial Treatment with Germany's No.1 Professional skincare products - Babor)

Disclaimer :
1) All photos are unedited to show the effects of the facial treatment.
2) This entry is written based solely on my experience only.


I shared a selfie on Saturday on my IG promising that I will update on my facial experience with LeQueenz, so here it is!

Situated conveniently at Tanjong Pagar (5 mins walk from MRT), Le Queenz is a beauty salon dedicated to help everyone achieve brighter, smoother and more radiant skin!
Using many technological advanced medical devices and Germany’s No. 1 Professional Skincare, Babor, to bring powerful and visible results with their professional treatments, they are the one-stop beauty salon providing excellent Facial Treatment, Eyebrow Embroidery and Advanced Permanent Hair Removal service all under one roof!

Miss Jacelyn Phang, Le Queenz's proud ambassador was there to meet me to tell me more about this beauty salon that is all about pampering, privacy, and comfort. 

True enough, when I first stepped into Le Queenz, the environment really made me feel homely and pretty cosy. I was greeted with a nice cup of hot tea by the lovely ladies and they explained to me further about the facial treatment I will be going through.

According to the ladies at Le Queenz, facial is important as it helps us moisturize and brighten our skin which is definitely better than self-extraction (oh gosh please dont ever try that!) or just applying mask now and then.

Le Queenz’s facial helps to deep cleanse our skin, improving the blood circulation to give natural radiance to our faces -  regular maintenance is definitely needed to stay in tip top condition!

This is Tracy, my facial therapist.
Can I emphasize how much of a good complexion she has?!?

Before we start, I was told that the facial steps will include (double)deep cleansing, toning, extraction, massage, mask and ampoule.
(I was told that for LeQueenz, they do not charge extra for their ampoules, unlike many other beauty salons).

This 90 -min customized facial treatment uses top quality Babor skincare range to smooth skin and restore its youthful radiance.
The customized facial consists of 5 choices including Regenerating Milky Enzyme (Brightening), Moisture Booster (Hydrating), Intense Purifying (For blemishes), Intense Calming (For Sensitive Skin) and Skin Strengthening & Protection (Revitalize tired & dull skin).

Le Queenz's facial treatment room

The lovely beauticians will customize accordingly to your skin concerns and needs on that day of treatment!
How nice! :D

And here we go!

So as mentioned, Le Queenz uses only Germany’s No. 1 Professional Skincare, Babor, from step 1 to the last step in their facial treatment.
Babor products are extensively used in 90 countries worldwide and has been in the market for more than half a century. It is also the brand that spas in 6 Star Hotel (Ritz Carlton Singapore & USA) and 7 star Hotel(St Regis Dubai) uses.

Babor's beauty ampoule is also Cameron Diaz’s secret to looking perfect for every photo-shoot!
It contains 98% active organic ingredients and are made up of micro particles helping our skin absorb all the goodness in the ampoule readily!

Wa... literally, THE QUEEN (Y)

Look at all that gunk out of my face!


Yes this is my bare face after all the extraction... woooo I don't need a mask for Halloween, this will do, right? Hehehe

I have sensitive skin thus the redness, Tracy explained.
But they faded away pretty quickly right after the treatment!

So this was the ampoule beautician Tracy used on me : The Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid

For all skin types, it contains encapsulated Cerasome Oxygen to create oxygen reserves in the skin and stimulate cell renewal and helps leave dry, tired and stressed skin looking rosy and revitalized in an instant.
The Cerasome Oxygen and purified vitamin E encapsulated in an emulsifier carrier obtained from sunflowers, has a reservoir effect (and is longer-lasting than ordinary vitamin E). It penetrates the skin better and deeper - 5 times better than nanosomes.

Sounds so so good right?
I love everything with vitamin C and E for the skin!
So so so good! :D

Anyway I was told that the benefits of Ampoules in general is that they help target our concerns, provide hydration and help to restore our skin. They are stable, hygienic, and sealed until you are ready to use them.

Ampoules contain smaller molecules that will actually help skin absorption and results can be seen in a short period of time.

Therefore, it is suitable as an emergency repair as compared to normal mask!

(Looks like I need to invest in ampoules soon...)

Hahaha okay sorry it's just the last step, masking!

For the masks that they use : (1) Comfort Mask and (2) Lactic Mask Comfort Mask;

The Babor Skinovage Px Intensifier Comfort Cream Mask instantly relieves dryness and deeply nourishes and replenishes, leaving skin silky soft and hydrated and is an excellent addition to a dry skin regimen, or a perfect seasonal treatment for all skin types.
Lactic Mask Ideal for all skin types this mask will deeply cleanse, clarify and calm the skin.

A combination of lactic powder and kaolin intensively moisturize the skin while calming any minor irritations.

Overall the facial treatment was very soothing, calming and trust me when I say - no or very minimal pain from the extractions.
It is crazy because Tracy was very afraid I will feel pain but I told her this was nothing compared to my previous facial experiences elsewhere - which means you can be assured; you are in super safe hands!

I like how LeQueenz does not charge extra for their ampoules, and how they really want their customers to feel comfortable before, during, and even after the facial treatment.
I was served tea again after the session and oh I forgot to mention, a really nice massage during my facial treatment!

Le Queenz believes in giving customer the full package of service. They do not do hard selling and aspire to make each facial session enjoyable, relaxing and stress-free.
Customers do not have to fear that they up-sell any other item during their facial trial.

The really clean and cosy interior of the salon.

Their eyebrow embroidery room

Me after my facial treatment!

I left the clinic feeling satisfied, happy, rejuvenated and refreshed!

When I got home and looked into the mirror, I can't help but feel - eh... MY SKIN IS GLOWING!

Literally right?!

Haha will you all unfollow me after all my unglam/unsightly bare-faced pics? :/

Overall, I really like my experience at Le Queenz;
The beautician's lovely service attitude, the comfort and most of all, the effects of the facial on my skin really wow-ed me.


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Only valid for first trial customers, valid till 31 Dec 2015.

Thank you for having me again, Le Queenz! (:

Do go try this customised facial, even if it's for maintenance, or just purely a rejuvenating session!
Hurry make your appointment now!

Address: Block 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-28 S082001 (opposite Amara Hotel) 
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar Exit A
Tel: 6244 0228 / 8533 2336

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