Digital Fashion Week - Ying The Label : Spring/Summer 2016

Just last Saturday, I had the opportunity to catch the S/S 2016 collection of Ying The Label.

Held at Capitol Theatre, it was almost unbelievable seeing so many social media superstars hit the red carpet one by one taking photos and flaunting their impressive outfits and striking poses for their #OOTDs.

I was very honoured to be one of three clozette ambassadors to be invited to watch this show.

With the fellow Clozette ambassadors/contributors.

Before the show started, we had the opportunity to mingle around and have a few drinks.

There was even a DFW car?!?

Not long after, the show started and we were brought to our seats.
We were first shown to the wrong row of seats (I think 3rd or 4th row) because shortly after,
we were told that we were supposed to get front row seats!!!


My first fashion show, seated at the front row = better view of the apparels and models! :D

Hehe the very lucky us!

Ying The Label is best known for their use of playfully quaint colors on self-designed prints as well as origami-folding inspired patterns. They show us how the different uses of fabric & patterns gives an apparel character and definition and never does fail to surprise us all with their individualistic and distinctive designs.

And 3, 2, 1... 
the show starts!!!

It started with a video with the designer, Ying, mixing and playing with watercolour paints.
We then came to know that many of the pieces and designs in this collection is somehow watercolour paint inspired.

I honestly love how thoughtful Ying was in terms of designing something allowing so much movement and flow - it shows so much about an apparel!

This neck-tie scarf trend is simply so easy to wear especially for humid Singapore!

My personal favourite; 
Neck-tie scarf

I like how this outfit is quite tomboy-ish but the peplum flare gave the overall look a little touch of girly.

Unfortunately I could not get a good shot of the designer at the end of the show because the models/her were all walking too fast! :(

Oh well,  hopefully next time then! (:


And before we say our goodbyes, I had the opportunity to take my "red carpet" shot..

Funny how I was posing then decided to stop taking because there were too many onlookers 
and I raised my hand asking Chev to stop taking....

The very candid hand-waving (to stop actually haha) red-carpet-look.

I had such a blast that night!

Which one was your favourite outfit from Ying The Label's Spring/Summer 2016 collection? (:

Thank you for reading!


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