Best of 2015 - Top 7 OOTD places in Singapore

Hola everyone!

I have been dying to write this blog entry for the longest time, but I did not have enough time to finally sit down and write up a proper one.

This entry is a round-up to my Top 7 #OOTD locations in Singapore for the year of 2015.
Some of these places I actually visited them multiple times to shoot my various #OOTDs which I really feel that you all might want to explore over the holidays for your perfect shots!

Disclaimer first :

I am NOT saying that I have the best #OOTD shots or I'm really good at this, I am merely sharing my experiences/tips as well as for memories keepsake rounding off year 2015.

We are not talking about iconic backdrops, or places where you just go to shoot your normal OOTDs.
I am sharing with you places with MULTIPLE #OOTD-friendly spots where you can take a variety of shots at!

To start off, I shall just share a few tips that I get by when taking my #OOTD shots.

1) Patience is the key!
Yes the weather is crazy, your make-up is melting, you are dying to get that best shot asap.
But I realised the more I lose my temper/patience, the worse the shots turn out to be.

You have to literally try to enjoy every moment to get the best shot.
Even when you are about to lose your balance under the hot sun? 
Just laugh it off and you might end up with a nice candid shot.

2) Use the background to compliment your outfit.
If you are wearing something colourful, you should find a simpler background to stand-out.
Likewise, if you are wearing something simple, a little more structure/layers in the background can compliment what you are wearing.

3) You do not need to know how to pose like a model; sometimes candid shots work the best.
When I say candid shots, it means you are not doing a model pose nor smiling wide at the camera, neither you need to be looking at the camera.

Just look elsewhere, do what you do, and just ask the person photographing you to just shoot away.
You might just end up with some really nice shots (:


And now... the Top 7 #OOTD places in Singapore (IMO of course!)

1)  Tiong Bahru Estate

All of you #OOTD enthusiasts should know about this place already!
The best part about Tiong Bahru Estate is that there are so so so many cafes nearby and you can just have a nice afternoon tea or so before you head on out for an OOTD shoot or two.

And this place is huge with so many spots for OOTDs!!

2) Dempsey Hill

I love Dempsey for it's quaint-looking cafes and surroundings, it always makes me feel
as though I am in another country when I'm there.

There are a few spots for #OOTDs again as this area is also really huge!
You should bring more outfits here for a shoot once in a while :P

3) Phoenix Park

This place is seriously a gem.
It's my favourite out of these 7 locations, so perfect I wanted to be selfish and was thinking twice about sharing it with you guys :P
(Just joking)

When I pick a spot for #OOTD, I like to find huge spaces with good lighting and with tons of different spots for more varieties in my photos.

This place nailed it all and I took so so many outfits here I cannot even recall how many times I've been here exactly... xD

4) Sultan Road

Have you been here?
It's such a long stretch of road with sooooo many #OOTD-friendly spots!

Not to mention the variety of eateries here?
How about take a few shots here and then pop by to one of the restaurants there for a good meal afterwards? :D

5) Dakota Crescent

If you love white brick walls, this is the place for you.
I mean, who doesn't; for "behind every cute girl on instagram there is a brick wall" ;P
(Quote from Instagram Husband video)

6) Seletar Reservoir

A place more for shooting apparels that stand out, as this place looks really serene and has a beautiful sunrise :D

7) Marina South Pier

This has got to be the most underrated place for #OOTD shoots imo.
Not many know that this place existed, as it is relatively new.

It actually has a huge carpark with beautiful lighting and really nice white walls perfect for your shoots.


I always get asked about where do I go to for my OOTD shots, so here it is, an entry to summarise it all for this year of 2015!
I will definitely find more places to shoot my OOTDs at for year 2016, like the recently really popular National Gallery Singapore.

Which is your favourite place for OOTD shoots by far?
Share it with me please! (:

Thank you for reading!



  1. awww i'm in love with all the outfits! Nice :D

  2. Hi Aggy,

    May I know how to go to the Marina South Pier carpark? The other time I took train and alighted at Marina South Pier station and I couldn't find this carpark:( Appreciate your reply thank you!

  3. Hi dear, try this map :
    not sure if it helps you but worth a try!
    You need to walk a little.
    Or else, please do ask the people there!