Illustrate Romance in Style with Love & Co.'s latest Rose Gold Lockets

Last week, I had the honour to head on down to Love &Co. as they unveiled their latest stylish rose gold addition to its exisiting LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Love & Co. is the specialist in couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery.
They bring the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication as well as contemporary elegance.

Their collection of modern, trendsetting couple jewellery is a perfect complement to a promise of eternal love, marrying masculinity and femininity and boasting passion, intimacy and unity.

As the leader in Wedding Bands, they have the widest selection of couple bands, putting in concentrated efforts in designing couple bands, with advanced manufacturing methods, craftsmanship as well as stringent quality checks to ensure all your jewellery last a lifetime.

They aim to provide world-class service to all customers for a memorable experiences; all their consultants are well-groomed, professional and they are willing to go an extra mile for their customers.

The friendly consultant explaining to us in detail about their beautiful wedding bands

I was really overwhelmed by the huge range of jewellery they offer, my favourite being the LVC promise series that comes in two different editions : 

Limited Edition interchangeable LVC Promise wedding bands - choice of plain and diamond bands

Signature Bands - Interlocking 'L's and Glamour piece featuring more than 2 carats of diamonds

I was telling the consultant about myself already being married but she shared with me many couples got themselves anniversary rings....what a good idea ;P

Moving on, Chev and I were both enticed by their super gorgeous LVC Lovemark (Solitaire) collection.

I was really blown away by the cut of their diamonds, and how shiny they are, and the best part?
I got to learn so much more about diamonds and even try the rings on!

 Fun Fact - 
As much as many ladies (like myself) love the heart shaped cut diamond, it is actually of less value compared to the normal cut diamond (the mass market prefers a normal cut diamond if you wish to trade in)

When you purchase a diamond, you will be given a diamond certificate for you to verify its authenticity and its details.

Everything in this series has 50 promises of quality, a mark of exclusivity (the Rose Hallmark), dual assurance with inscription of Rose Hallmark and crafted to extreme perfection.

Even the gift box looks like a diamond! :D

The last (and most exciting) collection I want to talk about is their latest LVC Love Story collection
Featuring a selection of exquisite charms nestled safely within a white gold sapphire or rose gold glass locket, you are able to customise this by choosing from a whole range of alphabets, numbers and exclusive charms specially designed to express your unique story with your significant other!

The rose gold locket is newly-launched and it symbolises eternal romance and portrays timeless elegance.

I simply love the idea of customising the locket according to what you want, and what's more, any time you want to change the charms inside, you can!

Made of sapphire glass, the locket will help keep the charms safe.
If you are keen to know what charms are available - it includes alphabets, numbers and iconic shapes (i.e. the heart).

With three variations, the Love Story locket pendant is available in elegant rose gold, classic white gold as well as the luxurious white gold pendant adorned with diamonds.
Intricately handmade by the master craftsmen, the locket makes a perfect for your loved ones, especially in this beautiful season of love!


The LVC Charmes Love Story Locket also comes in a gift box with a special compartment for you to store and
safe-keep your charms so they will not get lost.

As seen on me - LVC Charmes Love Story locket in Rose Gold

As seen on me - LVC Charmes Love Story locket in Rose Gold
As seen on Chevron - LVC Charmes Love Story locket in White Gold
If you might be curious how your personalised LVC Love Story locket looks like, do head on over to 

to discover and experience the personalisation of Love & Co.'s Love Story lockets on their newly interactive site.
It is engaging, further enhancing user experience and allows users to personalise their lockets prior to purchasing it in store in just 3 simple steps!

 I am going with Rose Gold!

With my chosen charms!

Type in your details and you will receive an email of your personalised Love Story Locket!

The LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection is available at all 11 Love & Co.'s showrooms in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mandatory shot at their gorgeous showroom in Vivocity.
Good news to share!

At any stores, you may quote
for $100 off any purchase you make!
Valid till 30/4/2016, for the purchase of LVC Lovemark solitaire collection (diamond to be 0.3ct and above) or a pair of LVC Promise wedding bands.

Thank you for having us, Love & Co.!

Have fun and enjoy creating your love story at :

Thanks for reading! :D


Photo credits to TIN, Chevron Lum.

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