Finally, saying goodbye to my braces!

So.... finally, the end of my braces journey! :D

It was a pretty good 1.5 years so far; 
I did not have any issues throughout the entire experience.

Some of my friends asked me why I didn't need to wear rubber bands; I guess my teeth  (top and bottom) cooperated by shifting properly so lucky for me :D

The day of braces removal, sorry I had a spasm-looking face so I had to cover it hahahaha

The dentist had to :
1) Remove the metal fixtures
2) Remove the glue from your teeth
3) Scale/Polish/Clean your teeth
4) Make another mould of your teeth for retainers

The dentist handed me this at the end of the removal session... telling me this is a "souvenir" for me...LOL!

Before and after wearing braces! :D
Left : Before braces
Right : After braces

I still get this question A LOT :

How much is the cost of my braces?

X-ray : $50
Scaling/Polishing : $50
Extraction of 4 tooth and separators on : $40*4 ($160) + $5 for medication
Braces fixture : $600

Total that I have paid as of the first two dental visits : $865

I was to pay : $100 per month for two years ( $100 * 24 months = $2400)

So total cost : $865 + $2400 = $3265

But I removed it 6 months earlier (so that I could remove it before my birthday this year) so I had to pay the remaining $700 on my last visit.

Where is my Dental Clinic located?

Life Clinic & Life Dental Surgery
Blk 713 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4052
(At AMK Central, near to NTUC fairprice)

Tel : 6455 2522

*No discount code etc because I am NOT SPONSORED for my braces.

I did a video to share on my braces journey and answered a few commonly asked questions in the video too!

Watch it HERE :

Enjoy, and do feel free to drop my any questions by commenting here / / emailing me!

Thank you for following me throughout this journey!
If you are still hesitating, DON'T!

You will NOT regret getting braces done, I promise! :D



  1. I can vouch on the NO REGRETS portion cuz I underwent my braces journey much earlier than you and am enjoying the prettier smile I have now 😻✨ And yeah you look AMAZING without braces, Agnes ❤️❤️

    xoxo, Aldora

    1. THANK YOU DEAR!!! Braces was the BEST decision I've ever madeeeee! ❤️❤️

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