Unveil A Brighter You with Kinohimitsu Total Glow!

Alright I admit, when I was first introduced the Kinohimitsu Total Glow Set, I was stoked.

Comprising of their  Prowhite, Be White and UV Bright, this set promises to not only help protect and brighten your skin from head to toe, it promises to unveil a radiant and brighter you in just 14 days! 

The combination of these 3 products is said to help eliminate unwanted pigmentation, dark spots and
freckles, revealing healthy, luminous and glowing skin from within.

Replenishing our skin with vitamins and anti-oxidants, these products help protect us against harmful UV rays while giving us fairer and smoother skin!
They work together hand in hand not only promising to boost our skin's radiance and clarity, but also to promote good liver health and immune system! 

So.... how did they fair?!?

Be White

This product comes in pill form to help heal our skin and aid in skin renewal.
It brightens the skin by lightening pigmentation, freckles and darkspots.
It also helps with inner UV protection and anti-photoaging.

With ingredients like Pomegranate extract and Tomato extract which acts as a natural sunscreen, 
they not only help against melanin production and also boost protection against effects of sun exposure.

Well, as the name of the product (Be White) suggests, of course it has to have some skin brightening effects too!

Containing Glutathione to help inactivate enzyme tyrosinase by clearing the free radicals and toxins that can lead to serious skin problems, it also contains Vitamin C which protects against UV-induced damage, regulate collagen production and decrease sunburn. 

Lastly, Olive extract is included to help scavenge free radicals, prevent wrinkles, skin aging and age spots.

As part of my 14 day journey to "heal" my skin,  I take one pill a day in the morning before my breakfast.


Kinohimitsu UV Bright :

To effectively restore our skin's fairness, it is recommended for us to Kinohimitsu UV-Bright Drink.

It not only aims to restore fairness on our face, but everywhere of our body including areas like our underarms, elbows, tummy, knees, inner thighs and groin area!

As you can guess, the main culprit for skin's discolouration is actually in fact..... 
the Sun's harmful UV rays!

Producing free radicals that attacks our skin cells, diminishing our skin's radiance and causing premature aging, the sun's UV rays are responsible for such skin damage leading to tanned skin, pigmentations, fine lines and skin lesions!

With the Kinohimitsu Japan UV-Bright Drink, we will be protected against the harmful UV rays for up to 9 hours!
It is also rich in Grape Seed Extract and effective whitening ingredients such
as Grape Polyphenols, Apple Polyphenols and Vitamin C.
I'm really excited about the thought of achieving brighter and fairer skin within the short
span of 6 days and at the same time protecting it against the Sun's harmful UV rays!

As part of my 14 day journey to "shield" my skin,  I take one bottle of UV Bright before heading outdoors.


Kinohimitsu Prowhite :

As we all know, the master of all anti-oxidants is........ Glutathione!!
(And it is the main ingredient of Kinohimitsu's Prowhite!)

At 25, I should be concerned about sun damage and aging skin.
Healthy skin is often associated with a healthy liver and when our liver is filled with too many free radicals from factors like unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette and stress - it actually reflects quickly on our skin with dark spots and dull, yellowish skin.

This is where Kinohimitsu ProWhite comes in handy!

Working from inside out concentrating in targeting our liver, it helps fight off free radicals with its powerful anti-oxidant effect, unlike most topical whitening products that only works on the skin surface to help lighten spots.

We want something that is able to penetrate deep into the layers of our skin to help prevent melanin production!

Glutathione also works as an excellent de-pigment agent that prevents
melanin formation from the root source - prevention is better than cure, right?

With all the goodness from ingredients such as the Camu-camu and Maqui Berry, Kinohimitsu ProWhite not only helps eliminates spots and promotes brighter skin, at the same time it enhances our
liver health for a more radiant skin tone!

As part of my 14 day journey to "protect" my skin,  I consume a satchet of Prowhite a day before bedtime.
As the taste of berries is so strong and pretty delicious, I find it quite yummy to pour it directly into my mouth for consumption. 
Alternatively, you may mix it with 150ml chilled water as a flavourful drink.

To summarise it for you :

I.e. 8 am
Be White : Provides 3 in 1 benefit in just one pill – Skin Brightening, UV Protection and Anti-Photoaging. While providing inner UV protection for the skin, it helps to brighten and heal at the same time. It also helps to heal sunburn skin. 

I.e. 10am
UV Bright : Provides 9 hours UV protection, breaks down and inhibits the formation of melanin, restore skin’s vitality 

I.e. 10pm
Pro white : Helps to brighten, repair damaged skin cells, promote healthy skin cells turnover for fair and translucent skin. Main ingredient - Glutathione that helps to eliminate and lighten spots while promoting healthy liver to boost immunity. It is also one of the most vital nutrients to promote a strong & healthy liver. 

My thoughts :

I did notice a more radiant-looking skin and somehow, a more even skintone as compared to when I did not consume the Total Glow Set.
Fairness-wise, it is really hard for me to tell as I am very fair to begin.
However, with so much goodness and all the best ingredients to aid in caring for our skin, healing and protection, I do feel that it is definitely a set that you will want to try if you want to take a step further in achieving brighter, clearer, fairer and luminous skin!

These three products, Kinohimitsu Prowhite, Kinohimitsu UV Bright, and Kinohimitsu Be White are sold at all leading pharmacies, major departmental stores, retailers and online. 

If you might be keen in trying this entire Total Glow set, it is currently only available online at Kinohimitsu Singapore's online store http://sg.kinohimitsu.com.

Get it at the promotional price of just 
$128 for Total Glow Set!!
(UP: $209.60) 
Be White: $47.90 ($59.90) Prowhite: $45 ($69.90) UV Bright: $29.90 ($39.90) 

"Unveil a Brighter You" now with Kinohimitsu Singapore!

For more information about Total Glow and Kinohimitsu’s upcoming exciting promotions, do check out Kinohimitsu Singapore’s Facebook Page and online store !

Thank you for reading!


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