Meet Dr Ci.Labo's Stellar Product : The VC100 Essence Lotion!

Do you know that Vitamin C is literally a skin saviour - giving you not only clearer, healthier, younger but also a more radiant looking complexion?

I started incorporating Vitamin C into my skincare routine through the advise of a skincare doctor and I have never looked back since.

Vitamin C can help to reduce sun damage/brown spots on our skin, boost collagen production for younger and firmer-looking skin, reduce skin inflammation/irritation as well as fade acne/pimple scars (this one is my fav!)

Not only that!
Vitamin C also helps to increase our skin's defence against UV exposure, which is the worst for our skin as it will cause our skin to age more rapidly with prolonged exposure!

Basically what I'm trying to say is....


And therefore I would like to proudly introduce to you all my recent favourite :

Dr Ci.Labo's VC100 Essence Lotion!

Said to contain a high percentage of concentration (200%) of the high permeability vitamin C derivative "APPS"*, it promises to permeate our skin layers faster, deeper to produce the silky smooth and pore-less skin that everyone hopes for.

*At first I was confused as to what "APPS" means, but after research I found out that :
"Trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate (APP): Amphiphilic vitamin C derivatives, anti-aging action, promotes collagen synthesis and improves pigmentation"
(Extracted from

This high permeability vitamin C derivative (APPS) has exceptional permeability that is 100 times that of Vitamin C (that is how the name VC100 is derived from!) and with 3 different types of Vitamin C incorporated into this product, it works even better to give us the radiant and youthful skin that we have always wanted!

This high permeability vitamin C derivative (APPS) is commonly used in prescriptions by cosmetic dermatologists as it has qualities of the water-soluble vitamin C (fast-acting one) and also of the oil-soluble vitamin C (long-lasting one).

This multi-essence lotion is rich like a beauty serum and actually starts working on your skin the moment it is applied, literally acting fast on the skin while producing long-lasting results!

You think that's it?

I'm not yet done! :P

When I am first introduced a product, I'm always keen to find out what are the ingredients in it.
Not disappointing me, a true-blue Vitamin C fan, the VC100 lotion also consists of these beauty ingredients :

1) 100% Deep-sea water from Toyama Bay, Japan.
- Sea waters at their deepest are kept in bacteria-free conditions at low temperatures as sunlight is unable to reach these depths.
When we talk about sea water, minerals are bound to be part of the package!
These wide variety of minerals contained in this water is similar to the fluids in our bodies, which conditions our skin and blends in really well.

2) 2 types of EGF-like ingredients
(Water-soluble proteoglycan / oligopeptide-24)
These ingredients help to promote the regeneration of new cells, boosting moisturizing capabilities and skin elasticity.

3) 3 types of fruits acid
(Glycolic acid /Lactic acid / Malic acid)
These 3 types of fruit acids work really well hand-in-hand to remove dead skin cells while promoting skin turnover by very gently peeling the skin.
It is always great to use fruits in our diet as well as skincare regime, don't you agree? (:

4) Fullerene
Acting like a sponge, Fullerene absorbs free radicals that are super harmful to our bodies.
This in turns gives vitality and radiance to our skin!

5) 19 types of amino acids
These amino acids are naturally moisturising to the skin so that it is smooth and silky to touch!

If you might be wondering how to use this product, actually it is sooooo simple!
After cleansing your face, simply pour an amount about the size of a 50 cents coin onto the palm your hand and blend into your entire face.
You might want to end of the last step with the Aqua Collagen Gel also from Dr Ci.Labo if you have dry skin.

For me, I have sensitive-combination skin so using just the lotion is good enough for me. (:

I usually find this bit more than enough for me whole face + neck!

Product is of a clear solution, but feels a little heavier than water.
It has a very refreshing citrus scent to it which I really love - makes my skin feels really healthy after applying it.

I like to pat it dry lightly, and it dries to a matt finish which I loveeeee!
No sticky feeling AT ALL!

It is gentle and feels really soothing on the skin and can be used daily to help promote elasticity and regeneration of the skin.

The best part is that it has high permeability which work through into the deeper layers of the skin for a fast-working and long-lasting effect!



Perfect for sensitive combination skin like mine! (:

I have been using the VC100 Lotion diligently every alternate night and I really adore the idea of it being a lotion but has the effects/richness of a serum as I honestly do feel this is good enough for me for the night.
I've noticed visibly brighter and clearer-looking skin, all thanks to my long-time favourite ingredient for skincare -Vitamin C!

Thank you for introducing this wonderful product to me, Dr Ci Labo Singapore! (:

The VC100 Lotion is now available online at for $83.
You can also purchase it from their store at Ion Orchard #B3-41 (tel no. 6238-8395) and Watsons Ngee Ann City, Parkway Parade and Raffles City.

For more info and updates, do head to : DrCiLabo-Singapore's Facebook Page!
Also, do follow @DRCILBAOSG on Instagram for events and latest news!

Thank you for reading!


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