Start afresh;

So the past week was... FULFILLING. :D

I'm much much better now, if anyone of you might ask.
Staying far far away from Duromine.. hehe!

I've been doing this fat reduction treatment with Nu.Reflections which is called Maximus TriLipo RF that helps to target pockets of fats in the body which is much more suitable for me and my overall physique as I am not huge to start with.
Will definitely keep you all updated on my results.

Was in Bangkok Monday to Tuesday (did you watch my snaps?) and funnily enough I did not do much shopping..... ended up have to change the extra money I left over in SG again zzzz

Because I actually changed quite a large sum of money, I decided to do it in Bangkok and not SG.

The rate was like 25.8THB - S$1 : SUPER GOOD CAN?!?👀

The reason why I changed in BKK and not SG is because I have to make payment for my manufactured stocks (which cost about $2-$3k) so it does make A LOT of difference with the exchange rate.

Change in SG : 25.5
Change in BKK : 25.8

So I did have about $30-$50 more to spend after changing in BKK as compared to changing in SG.


Find out their latest updated exchange rates over here :

The thing is, you need to find the right branch to change at to get the best rates.
I'm also not sure what is the real reason but I found out that changing at the Main Branch is the better option.

How to go? 

Lastly, please note that there are TWO SUPERRICH money changers in Bangkok.

One is with the ORANGE LOGO, another one is with the GREEN LOGO.

The one that give me the best rate is the one with GREEN LOGO :

Hope this helps!!😙


My hotel/hostel :

So many of you have been coming up to me to ask me about the hotel I stayed in.

It is called : 

I paid about S$60 per night (which for the rate in BKK is quite ex) but I'm just glad that I stayed there because I feel safe around that area esp that I travelled alone and it's really convenient (near Sukhumvit Area).

Super narcissistic but how can I miss the opportunity to take these photos, especially when I've got my tripod with me and so much time to spare? 😜

Drop me a comment or two should you have any questions regarding BKK for me! 😙


Media events :

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - Givenchy #Jointhegang Rouge Interdit Vinyl Media Launch

We were all there at Bang Bang Singapore to celebrate the launch of this beautiful product....

The Rouge Interdit Vinyl!

 It promises extreme shine, an obvious plump-up effect and comes with impactful shades - and is said to be more than just a lipstick!

Are you ready to #jointhegang with us???

Thank you for the kind invite, 37comms and Givenchy Singapore!😍


The latest Rouge Interdit Vinyl!💋 
Each is priced at S$48, and the entire collection will be available at Givenchy's cosmetic counters from 6 June 2016 onwards!


Thursday 2nd June 2016 : Pandora Summer Collection / AW16 Ring Launch

The beautiful rings seen at the launch are stackable and wearable for mostly any occasions. 

 The latest Summer collection and AW16 Rings are now available at all Pandora boutiques.

Thank you for the kind invite, Clozette and Pandora Singapore 💋


Upcoming : #S L A T E by TACT - Summer 2016 event

I have been so busy (and quite exhausted) recently trying to put everything together for the upcoming event on the 11th June 2016.

If you all might be keen, the actual launch will be on 13th June 2016 8pm sharp :D


Sharing some of the shots taken on that day by the very talented Henry Peh (@sinfolks)!

Can't wait to share more with you all!
In the meantime, do follow for more updates!👌


Thank you for reading 😘

I've been suuuuuuper busy but will try to update soon! ❤️

With love,


  1. The hostel look really nice! Anyway, I love your new collection of your brand and I wish you all the best for the next launch event ;)

  2. Wow Aggy! SO many stunning photographs!! Your photographs for Slate are so beautiful, I love the name Slate too! So many great events you have been to and I really like the style of the hotel room with the artwork! I hope you are having a great start to the week beautiful.

    Much love,
    Marianne x

    1. Hi dear,

      thank you for this lovely comment!
      Big hugs!