Going Pink with Salon Vim

Remember my pink hair done by Elyn of Salon Vim Wisma?

I was so crazy in love with it... but unfortunately for me, good things usually don't last.

The fact is that pastel hair does need very high maintenance (I believe all of you know) but the bigger issue I have been facing is damaged hair before I joined Salon Vim.

The team has been trying to fix my hair with treatments which thankfully shows in the results, but my hair was fragile and unable to absorb the bleach well...

But anyhoos, let me share my experience with you all at the newly opened Wisma outlet!

I fell head over heels once I stepped into the salon.
Of Parisian Chic style, there is a tinge of vintage yet modern designs - a wonderful mix of old and new. 
Let the pictures speak for itself!

Every single detail of decorations is well taken care of, from the wall plasters to the floor tiles, and even down to the mirror frames.

Oh they also serve customers beverages in extremely cute french-styled tea cups! :D

For pastel hair, bleaching is definitely required (unless advised by your stylist) and I went through the Olaplex Pre-treatment before bleaching.

Olaplex is a revolutionary brond rebuilder from the US which helps to rebuild your hair bonds and to help minimise damage during hair bleaching.

As my hair is really fragile to begin with, Elyn (my hair stylist) was unable to lighten it too much if not it will cause my hair to break.
Therefore before you begin bleaching your hair, it is strongly advised that customers go on a treatment journey (like me) to help improve and repair the state of your hair before any major colour changes!

One of the processes I really enjoyed during my visit was the nano mist 0.03mm.
Our hair cuticle is 0.1mm in size and the nano mist that comes out of the machine is 0.03mm which results in better penetration of the treatment ingredients into the hair for better absorption and to maximise the results of the treatment.

Done with bleaching!
Now, adding the pink streaks!

Shortly after, I was whisked away to have a hair wash and.....

My hair was of this beautiful nude ash shade with streaks of pink - not the ah-lian kind of neon pink but really subtle and pastel kind!


The actual beautiful nude blonde shade ❤️

Also to add, after bleaching my hair, I went through the texture smooth double hair treatment which includes pro-fibre and collagen.

The protein treatment helps to strengthen my hair's profibre while the moisturising treatment consist of hydrating collagen which helps revive my tresses!


But as I mentioned earlier, as my hair was not of good condition to begin with, it was difficult for me to maintain the nude blonde shade and it turned yellowish blonde in the end which is what we all don't want!

Bleaching means to remove colour pigments from dark Asian hair to blonde so it usually goes through a few colour changes throughout the entire bleaching process.

First stage will likely be orange, then as you bleach it will be less orange and more yellow and finally the colour that we will want to obtain in the end is platinum blonde.
By this stage, it will be a very very light yellow and that's when a lot of colour pigments are removed.

And so....

Elyn suggested that we go back to the dark side first and slowly condition my hair to be able to take in the bleach level by level, time by time..

But till then, at least I know I have much healthier-looking hair now! :D

Stylists at Salon Vim will normally advise customers not to go from black to blonde in a single visit but over several sessions to help minimise hair damage.
It is important to note that despite insisting a major change in just one session, customers must learn how to manage their expectations that will compromise on your hair conditions.

At Salon Vim, you can be assured the stylists there are professional enough to advise you on what's best for your hair and what's not.
Rest assured that they will not try to recommend something that is not suitable for your hair's condition that might cause further damage etc.
This is truly my personal observation and opinion :D


Currently, Salon Vim has a GSS promo that consists of :

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  2. Texture Smooth Double Hair Treatment for only $180 (online exclusive; actual RTP $400)

It will end on the 31st of July 2016 so hurry make your appointment to avoid missing out!

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With love,

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