Recent snippets of my life....

Life has been INSANE.
I've been so busy and trying hard to meet deadlines but it's like never-ending.... πŸ˜ž

"Busy means good what!"
My friends all tell me this... but okay la, I really am not complaining... just ranting okay πŸ˜³

I'm sorry my Snapchat followers... I know that there's much more crazy sides than the nicer sides of me on Snapchat but.... I can't help it la!
Some of the filters darn cute can?!?

Stickers also please!!!
See this one :

Cookie going into deep sleep step-by-step..... HAHAHAHA


Last week with my Cheow for the #ZALORALOVESKFASHION event.
That sweet girl even bought me salad... hehe why so sweet de.

Tried the socks + heels style for that k-fashion look... 
Thankfully I don't look too stupid HAHAHA


For the hardcore/crazy Pokemon Go! fans out there.....


To the point that I sacrificed my hunger and stayed there for awhile to catch some pokemons tooπŸ˜‚
Not to mention there are also like tons of pokestops?!?

It was quite funny watching people going and running around in a huge whole group to chase after Pokemons LOL
Honestly the first time I see Singaporeans being so united other than National Day πŸ˜


Something to share with you all.
After following me for awhile now, most of you would have known that I am pretty particular when it comes to eating.... and yes with the losing weight stuffs and all you all should know that I'm pretty hard on myself....

Recently I was introduced to Box Green.
When they contacted me, I was told to just try their snacks with no obligations to post or whatsoever.

But after trying, I really have to say I do genuinely enjoy snacking on the little packets of treats they sent me.

Basically what BoxGreen does it to provide healthier snacking options.
They made me realise healthy snacks can be yummy too - think chocolate and cookies!
A total of more than 20 snacks to choose from, you can be assured that there's definitely something for you πŸ˜

The best part is that their snacks are pre-packed into little packets for you to bring around to help on portion control.
I also like the fact that for every box of snacks we buy, Box Green donates a meal to the needy - a really good cause!

I want to share this with you guys because :
1) It's nice to know you won't have to starve in between meals (if you are hungry)
2) Snacking can be healthy and this awareness should be raised!!
3) This is for a good cause. πŸ˜‰

Check them out at :


TACT Singapore 
Savoir Faire - launched

I have a lot of favourites in this collection because every single piece is really versatile.
You can match something with almost everything and still look chic and OOTD-ready.

Some items are left with one or two pieces, so do grab them fast.
Anyway, TACT's site is currently down (due to some tech error) but we are working to put it back up again by tomorrow. πŸ˜Œ

In any case, the items are listed on our Facebook Page and you can find them at :

Happy Shopping! :D


4 days ago on my instagram I mentioned about sharing some stuffs on my blog.
Truth is, there's actually quite a lot of things that going on and going through my mind but sometimes I just tend to keep mum about it.

I'm not a very sad person in general but sometimes when situations or issues hit me it can be quite difficult for me to feel better immediately or think the positive way there and then.

Sometimes after being around so many people and knowing so many individuals, it's hard to know who is true and who is not.
Some show like they care but when situation arises they seem to behave or act like something else that you don't expect and it just shocks me.
Is the real world really like this?

Is it just about how "useful" you are to someone/something/a situation that makes you valuable only for that moment or period of time and people will only be nice to you at that instance?

It's a mad world.
It's a bad world.
A sad world.

Just trying to be alert and positive after all that happened.
Even so, I'm thankful that through the ugliest side of things/people, I see the beautiful sides and the gorgeous people around that I am thankful for. ❤️


Ending this post with a few shots of Cookie the fat poodle entertaining me.

Everyone loves him and he knows that.
Who wouldn't... right? πŸ˜

Will be doing something soon with him so you can take a step closer in knowing more about him, and maybe me πŸ˜‹

Happy Friday everyone! πŸ’‹

With love,

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