I'm out... officially.


I've been waiting for quite some time to write this post actually.
To announce that I've finally stopped working at the nightlife joint I previously worked at for approximately 2 months.

I get it; it wasn't exactly what everyone thought I would do... to be honest I didn't even expected myself to stay there for so long... which I did.

I didn't really adore my job, though I really loved the people I've worked with and most of them took great care of me making sure I am good and fine most of the time.

Let me just be honest here.
The nightclub I worked at, (yes previously known as Luxi Dolls) - is a flower joint, a 吊花场.

However I worked there as a singer, not a model so there's a slight difference there.

Maybe some of you might be curious thinking, 

"How did I even get about working there in the first place?"

I was initially told that I were to sing 7-10pm for their acoustic sets for their alfresco dining area....
but I guess in the end they decided to take that idea out and think I'm better off singing at the club itself.

Well to be honest at first I was upset but after that I had the mindset of, well since I'm here already how about just make the most out of this job then.

So yup there I was. 

"How was it like working there?"

To be honest, most of the time people don't really give too much hoots about what you are singing - most of the time.
They are just there to have an eye feast and a good time, that's all I can say and comment.

There were times when I've gotten flower appreciations from people who genuinely like the songs I sing and my efforts.
That's probably the best experience I've had on the stage at this nightclub.

"Are people nice?"

Well, yes and no.

I've met people that I really hope that I will never meet in future and forever;
People that create unnecessary problems for people, people that talk shit about other people and, well, just practically all the jerks and liars that you can see.

You will also be surprised how many attached/married men lead double lives and ugh it's a total turn off luh.

But but but there are genuinely nice people and some customers even became my friends and promised to drop by my permanent gigs to cheer me on 😚

Ooh and I've made reaaaaaaally good friends here too haha 😁

"Why did I decide to leave?"

There's many many reasons.

Firstly, it was because my life no longer has a normal routine.
I am terrible at waking up early and getting about my daily life.
Even spending precious time with my Cookieboy is no longer a norm for me and I found myself waking up way past midday most of the time and rushing to work, then back home drunk and to sleep again and next day the same thing happened again.

I just want my life to go back to normal where I can do the things I love, eat proper meals, have proper sleep and have a proper, normal life and routine.

Something inside me is screaming : 
"I can't take it any longer!!!"

Secondly, I've decided that despite me earning the good money from working in this industry, it's really not worth my health.
I find my skin to be not as bright as before, my body failing me more often and when I could be out with friends I'd rather spend time sleeping at home.

Thirdly, I guess it's against my principles.
I've accepted that I'm not perfect in many ways, but sometimes some things are really not worth it at all.
I used to stay away from alcohol, but I am almost drunk everyday from the amount I drink with friends or customers;
I used to see singing as a passion but it became a cheap tool to earn money at a flower joint (at least to me since I take my singing very seriously);
I used to value friendships at a very different level but then I realised after working at this place most of the time I only talk to those that hang me flowers;

Yeah you can judge me all you want - I am sorry for being like this for the past 2 months which now I come clean to disliking who I was - and that is why I think I need to put a stop to this all.

Fourth, I want to work things out with Alex.
Some of who follows my social media closely would notice that things have been slightly better, though I still didn't post anything to confirm this but yes we are trying to make things work now.

And of course if I want things to work I need to make the effort to stop working at where I was before, right?


So if you ask me, 

"Do I have any regrets?"

No, not really.
Maybe for certain things I did, I said or certain people I hung out with, yes.

But my overall experience was enough for me to finally see the world (and people) more clearly and it's not all that simple after all.

I've grown quite a bit and also learned to cope with my emotions better (esp working with some people erhm) so I would say that I see the outcome of this as more of a positive one rather than a negative one. πŸ˜Š


"What are my current plans/gigs?"

(1) I'm lucky to have landed myself a job as a resident singer for a permanent gig at Drink Culture Singapore.

Place :
Drink Culture

Address :
51 Kreta Ayer Road.

It's a place where they serve up really nice cocktails, food and drinks so if you have nothing on how about just pop-by for a good time with your buddies/colleagues/date?

I will be there permanently on these days :

Monday  | Tuesday | Thursday

Wednesday | Saturday

Hope to see you guys there okay! 😁

(2) I will be more active on Social Media (I promise!) 

....and will be working on more exciting stuffs which I can't wait to share more soon as I can!

For a start, I will be flying off to the land of PHO on the 10th of May so follow my instagram as well as Alex's for more of our fun adventures!

(3) I am gearing up for the next collection launch for TACT Singapore!

With all that happened in my life these past 8 months, my poor baby has taken a back seat in my life and I've really no time to do anything about it.

I promise to bring in much much more this time and won't disappoint. πŸ‘Œ
Alex will be back helping me too, so no fear! πŸ™


I guess that's all!

Trying to settle into my new job at this new place and setting my body clock back to how it was before so after that, I will be ready to fight it all and move forward!




Ending this post off with photos with my colleagues - the ones that had my back for the past 2 months ❤️️

πŸ‘†She's my favourite of all hehe

Thank you all for being you.
θΏ™δΈ€θ·―δΈŠζœ‰δ½ δ»¬,ζˆ‘ε˜εΎ—εšεΌΊπŸ˜˜


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  1. Nice singing babe! Love your voice :)

  2. Really enjoyed your performance of ζˆ‘θ¦ι£ž by F.I.R at luxi dolls, all the best for your future