Hello, the new OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) massage chair!

So approximately 3 weeks ago, I am one of the first few lucky ones in Singapore to try the OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) massage chair! 💕

Held at OSIM HQ Singapore, the experience was really fun because we got to enjoy the session revolving around the concept of a business class flight! 😍

OSIM believes that as with a business class flight, a daily massage experience should be first class too - and thus the uLove 2 (4手天王) massage chair was created!♥️

When at OSIM HQ, before experiencing our 1st class massage experience upon "OSIM Airlines", we  had to "check-in" like any flight.

Upon checking in, we chilled for a little bit at the "lounge area" where we enjoyed some yummy snacks along with some TWG tea.
At this time we also had to fill up a survey form whereby we can "customise" how we want our experience to be - whether the massage should be with a lighter/harder touch, which areas we would like to concentrate on, etc - because yes the uLove 2 has the ability to allow us to customise our massage intensity accordingly! 😉

Shortly after, we were whisked away for our 1st class massage experience with the uLove 2 massage chairs! 😍

I have to say, my experience with the uLove 2 was a luxurious one - it features a relaxing & pleasurable 4 Hand massage - I imagine 2 masseuses with synchronised massaging actions working their magic on my whole body! 👍

Yes, we even have "meals on board" too! 😋

I really like that the uLove 2 has personalised features, one of my favourite is the intelligent auto shoulder detection! 💕
It accesses my built at the start of every massage program I went through for a more personalised massage experience - one of the issues I always have had with massage chairs is that.....
I'm too short ☹

Which means sometimes when the rollers are supposed to massage my back they are actually on top of my shoulders 😑

It was such a pampering and indulging session I almost fell asleep 😋

Of course we can't really see the amazing uLove 2 carefully, we had to see it proper and in full view in the grandest form possible - UNVEILING TIME!

It certainly looks as good as it functions, I must say!
More details on the features/functions in just a bit!☺️

With my gorgeous Julianna babe!💕
It was really fun experiencing the uLove 2 with my fellow blogger/instagram-mer friends.

Thank you for having me, OSIM Singapore! 😍


Up-close & personal with the uLove 2 massage chair

With an innovative technology for double satisfaction, you can be assured that the uLove 2 provides powerful squeeze-and-knead massage that relieves tension and promotes circulation throughout your whole body!

The revolutionary 4-Hand Massage technology features 4 sets of powerful massage rollers that work simultaneously to massage your upper and lower body at the same time!😍

Also, the patented V-Hand™with 720° Roller Balls is the ultimate combination! 👍
The V-Hand™ Massage imitates the expert techniques and flexibility of a masseuse’s hand for a realistic grip that relieves muscle tensions.
The 720° roller balls rotate 360° in both directions, rolling along every contour of your body to ensure the most relaxing and pleasurable massage.

Do you know that the uLove 2 has a suite of massage programs, literally? ♥️
To suit different people with different lifestyle needs, I absolutely love that everything about the uLove 2 is so customisable and personalised massages are possible at just a few buttons away!

Be it a work, sports or lifestyle induced muscle ache and tension, there is a program catered to everyone, anyone!
One massage chair for all - all for one! ☺️

Do you know that the uLove 2 also has Lifestyle Massage Programs? 😱

  • Sports : to help promote recovery of muscles used in sports - I look forward to coming home to my uLove 2 after each and every gym session/yoga class!

  • Beauty : a pampering massage designed to help tone & firm up the body - think slender limbs and relieve of water retention especially on the lower part of our body!

  • Stretch : to aid in loosening of muscles and to help improve flexibility!

  • Sleep : to prep the body and mind for a good night's sleep and rest 

With luxurious massage pleasures from head-to-toe, I personally feel that the uLove 2 massage chair is an absolutely good addition to every household.
  1. Power squeeze, vibration and rollers on calves, ankles and feet.
  2. Tension relief massage for thighs and hips.
  3. Revitalizing massage for hands and palms.
  4. 4-Hand Massage on back & butt.
  5. Intense airbag massage for arms.
  6. Soothing warmth on back.
  7. V-Hand™ Massage for head, neck & shoulders.

Now the best part yet... 

the uLove 2 has personalised features tailored just for each and every one of us!! 😍

It has an intelligent auto shoulder detection which assesses our respective built/body size at the start of every massage program for a personalised massage!

With expandable side panels, they can be adjusted to 3 different positions to cater to all unique physiques!

The extendible foot massager can also be adjustable to fit our respective unique height for a better massage experience!

The customisable massage intensity is also a feature that I really like about the uLove 2.
It has 7 intensity levels of shoulders and lumbar massage to suit your respective preferences! 💕

With the ability to adjust the uLove 2 to 3 different positions - Sofa / Comfort / Zero-Gravity - it further enhances your personal experience with the massage chair.

Lastly not forgetting the fact that this massage chair has comprehensive safety features - the backrest and footrest stops moving when it comes into contact with anything in its path of motion!

For the tech-geeks, you will also love the uLove 2! 😉

The uLove 2 also has 3D Surround Sound with speakers that boast a well-balanced and articulate audio augmented by a powerful bass that you can feel - think watching K-dramas while having a massage at the same time - SHIOK! 💯

The uLove 2 is also completed with an Entertainment Stand* and USB charging function whereby you can literally have a dedicated entertainment experience while having a massage, watching dramas/movies on your smart device using the Entertainment Stand while you charge the device via the uLove 2 USB port! ☺️

If you are worried about coming home to the same massage programs everyday, fret not because with the uLove 2 App, you are able to download new massage programs & music to help elevate your massage experience! 😍

Designed with the modern users in mind, control of the uLove 2 is easy via the app - you can expect the suite of massage programs will be ever-expanding with new massage programs & original music for download! 💯

Designed with timeless characteristics in mind, the uLove 2 massage chair is bold and enchanting with its classic look. 👍

Aesthetically pleasing and versatile-looking, it fits almost any household of any design/interior and it comes in 4 gorgeous colors - Blue, Green, Purple & Brown. 😍

 The uLove 2 massage chair is also intelligently and beautifully designed with :
- a privacy panel
- a perforated headrest
- 3D Surround Sound speakers
- exquisite craftmanship
- plush and quilted upholstery
- Chrome details

It is a massage chair that I would definitely recommend to everyone anyone, perfect even as a gift to your family especially your parents! 😍

Thank you for introducing the uLove 2 (4手天王) massage chair to me, OSIM Singapore! 💕
Now I know how to have a pampering / indulgent massage session at the convenience of my own home! ☺️

If you are keen in the uLove 2 4手天王 massage chair, do check it out at various roadshows islandwide, at OSIM outlets or simply check it out online HERE! 😍

The OSIM uLove 2 massage chair is now going at $6699!

Certainly double the effectiveness, double the results, double pampering!✨

Thanks again for having me, OSIM Singapore! ☺️
I had a wonderful time! 💋

And thank you for reading!😘

With love,

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