My Zenyum Invisble Braces Journey : Part 2

Yay I'm finally back here to talk about my Zenyum Journey Part 2! 😊

My last update was here, with me talking about my 3D scan results and my suitability for Zenyum.
So after about 4 weeks of waiting, I finally got to pick up my Zenyum invisible braces from the dentist!✌️

My Zenyum box, with all the aligners I need to wear throughout my entire Zenyum journey!😍

It consist of my smile summary cards, my Zenyum aligners and my aligner case + chewies!

Before going into the dentist's office, Vishakha was thoroughly showing me what's inside my Zenyum box & explaining to me how to use/wear my aligners.

I recalled myself really trying very hard during my first time.
The feeling was a little funny I remember but it wasn't like super uncomfortable or painful or anything. 👍

On into the dentist's office, whereby I was fed more info on how to use/wear my Zenyum aligners, how to clean/keep them and basically a thorough explanation on the entire process. 👌

The dentist explained that based on the 3D scan of my teeth, there's a need to shave off some edges of my teeth for proper shifting and a neater-looking end result.
It wasn't painful at all even though I was so so afraid at the start. 😅

Left the dentist a very excited and happy girl!
Sooooo ready to start on my Zenyum journey!😍😍


Let's move on more in-depth on how Zenyum actually works, shall we? 😁

This is a picture of my very first set of aligners!

So basically the best thing about Zenyum to me is the part whereby you don't have to head down to the dentist on a monthly basis (like regular braces) and almost everything can be communicated easily via the Zenyum app (available on both Apple store and Playstore)! 😊

So my course of invisible braces is consist of :
8 sets of regular stage

2 sets of Zen stage

So each set consists of aligners for my Upper set of teeth as well as the Lower set of
teeth for a total of 15 days.
Each set also has 3 color-coded aligners, namely blue, red and black.

Blue aligners are to be worn for the first 5 days.

Red aligners are to be worn for the second 5 days.

Black aligners are to be worn for the third 5 days.

This will go on until you finish all the sets of your aligners, a total of 8 sets.

So which means the total duration of my treatment process is :

3 aligners x 5 days x 8 sets = 120 days (approximately 4 months)

+ Zen Stages aligners (approximately 1 month)

Total duration of my Zenyum process : 5 months

So the Zenyum app will remind you every 5 days to switch your aligners.
You will have to take a picture with the aligners on when you switch to keep track of the process.

I was also reminded that during my Zenyum process, it is so super important to watch my oral health - I will have to keep my aligners clean, and rinse my mouth after every meal.

One thing I realised is that I almost lost my aligners a couple of times because I just wrap them up in tissue when I eat food or have my meals.

It is so important to keep your aligners in your case when you eat your meals.

It's also very important to have your aligners on for at least 20-22 hours a day for best results!

Here are some updates of my smile :



It's actually much cheaper as compared to metal braces/Invisalign imo!

Once it is decided that you are a suitable candidate for Zenyum Invisible Braces  you will be directed to one of Zenyum Invisible Braces' many partner clinics for an initial consultation. 

This consultation consists of a 3D scan, X-rays and a physical assessment of your teeth.
Initial consultation: $120 to $170
Zenyum Invisible Braces: $2,200
Retainers: $300 a pair

Find out more about Zenyum Invisible Braces 


So excited for the next entry, which is the last update on my Zenyum journey : 

Do feel free to drop my any questions should you have any!
Thank you for reading!

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Till then!

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