Taiwan Trip : travel-log - Day 1

Taiwan Day 1!

Stayed over at Ling's place which made everything so convenient for a start.
Thanks love<3 br="">

Our #OOTD! (:

Reached the airport at around 7+ am to rush for our 8.30am flight.
Took tigerairways and I will not ever take it again unless I really have to.

The "stewardesses" told us not to consume outside food in the flight -
reason being : the smell of these food might cause discomfort to other passengers.
[But they are also selling food like "Mutton Bryani", "Thai green curry", "Creamy Chicken Stew".
- so hey, what's the big deal about my Delifrance sandwich?]

Click here for their "discomforting" food menu

I dont understand the big fuss about this, and the "stewardesses" were giving me weird glances time
and again throughout the flight making me feel super uncomfortable.
Rude and insensitive service.
Will NEVER take Tigerairways again.
Something happened on the last day makes me loathe them even more.
More on that later.

About 4 hours later, we touched down at Taoyuan Airport in Taipei. (:

We were super excited and honestly can't wait to start our journey to XiMenDing, where our hotel was.

We took a bus to XiMenDing, because taking a taxi there will cost us much more, which is NT1000, around S$42.55.
Plus the bus ride didnt take us very long.
The tickets were NT220 for two of us (though there were cheaper ones but I was too excited to ask the rest of the
counters -.- )
Upon reaching Taipei Main Station, we had to change another bus to XiMenDing.

But hell, we dropped off at the 2nd station when we were supposed to drop off at the 1st -.-
So we had to drag our heavy luggages all the way from bus station 2 to 1.
But it kind of gave us a little bit of idea how XMD actually is, walking past so many roads/streets.

Reached the hotel around 3+, and for this entire trip we stayed at ITrip Taipei Inn 日安西门城市旅店.
I must say I really like the hotel.
And it's located in XiMenDing, which made everything for us very convenient.

Everything was good except for the walls of the rooms are not soundproof.
So what happens next door you can practically hear them from your room -.-

But overall it was a very pleasant stay and I will go back there again if I can (:

ITrip Taipei Inn 日安西门城市旅店
Address : 9F.-2, No.36, Xining S. Rd.,, Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan 108
After settling down in our room for awhile, we went around XMD to "racky" the place.
There was quite a lot of shopping done by me at WATSON's (HAHAHA) and then we visited the Modern Toilet Cafe.

Food was so-so, but the whole concept is cute and interesting.
A MUST-GO place when you visit Taipei, Xi Men Ding.

Modern Toilet - 便所主题餐厅
2F, No 7, Lane 50, Xi-Ning South Road, Taipei Taiwan
After a few more rounds of shopping at XiMenDing, we went back to the hotel for a rest as we were really tired from all the walking and our morning flight.

Day 2 next! (:

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