Taiwan Trip : travel-log - Day 2

Taiwan Day 2!

Our #OOTD!

I think this has got to be one of the best day I had during this trip at Taiwan.
Thru the recommendation of the very kind staff at our hotel, we decided to change our itinerary.
Our plan of the day : 九份 - 十分 - 平溪 - 士林夜市

It was quite a hectic day actually.
Especially on the travelling part.

We bought the 2 day Taipei Metro and Buses unlimited pass - for a fixed price you pay you can travel throughout Taipei via their really super fast Metro unlimited for the number of days you chose from.

If I'm not wrong they have 1/2/3/5/7 day(s) passes.
Quite worth it if you are a keen explorer (on foot) hahaha.

We had to take a MRT to Taipei Main Station and then walk to their railway station to take a train to Ruifang Railway station to our destinations.

It's quite confusing yes.

Do note that there are different forms of travel modes at Taipei.

Taipei Main Station as its name suggest, is a place where you can take the MRT & TRAIN too.
Do ask for directions when necessary to avoid getting lost and wasting time.

1st stop :
九份 via a bus from Ruifang Train Station.
I've forgotten about the bus number, but do ask around for help, mention your destination and you should be on your way soon :)

I must say I really like 九份 a lot.
It's on top of a mountain, and the old streets were filled with cute
and interesting shops along with yummy 小吃s!

Spent approx 3 hours there walking around and eating :D

And then back to Ruifang Train station to take the pingxi line to 十分!

2nd stop :
十分 via Pingxi Line from Ruifang Train Station.

Love 十分 for the 十分瀑布, the 祈祷树 and also the funny fact that everyone releases their 天灯 in the middle of the railway track. (:
And when the train comes they just move away, and then back again when the train leaves.

Must visit at 十分 :
old shops

Spent another 2/3 hours at 十分 and left for 平溪 to release our good luck 天灯.

3rd stop :
Took the Pingxi Line to Pingxi Station.

Most of the shops were closed when we reached (around 6plus in the evening),
and we left shortly after we released our lantern.

It was beautiful to release it at night compared to releasing in the day as what we saw that the others did. (:
It only cost us NT100 to release a 天灯.

It was quite tiring to travel here and there the entire day - we were so tired we fell asleep on the train and MRT.
Still, we went ahead to 士林夜市 for some good eats.
We reached there at around 10plus which means not many shops are opened by then as it was a weekday.

Nevertheless, it was a great day overall.


Day 3 entry coming up! (:

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