Taiwan Trip : travel-log - Day 3

Taiwan Day 3!

Our #OOTD!

Day 3, our itinerary of the day : Xinbeitou -> Danshui -> Shilin Night Market.

It was also overall quite a good day, which we started off with super good hotspring at 春天酒店.

While waiting for the bus to come (and rain to stop which seems quite impossible), we stopped by the 'kiap kiap' machine and had a few tries. Spent around NT200+ and hub caught a purple toy/keychain for me! Still remember the excitement we had when the 'kiap' just held on to the toy and released it into the hole for us.
We exclaimed so loudly but I doubt we knew it ourselves until people actually turned to look at us LOL.

After waiting for quite some time (aha excuse!)...we took a taxi from Xinbeitou station - okay let's face it : we were too lazy + it was raining quite heavily + it was duper COOOOLDD.
It costed us NT100, and the trip lasted us 15mins.

Reached our destination, and we chose the NT1200 session for 1 hr, private hotspring room.
Everything inside was neat, clean, and toiletries were provided in case we need a shower after our hotspring session.

I would prefer my experience at 日月光溫泉 at Wulai compared to this, but also a good try if you are heading to Xinbeitou/Danshui area.

北投春天酒店Spring City Resort
No. 18號, Yōuyǎ Rd, Beitou District Taipei City, Taiwan
+886 2 2897 5555

Finished our hotspring experience and then off too Danshui we go!

Once we exited Danshui Station, I manage to spot this cute little cafe called Cat Rain (貓雨).
It's literally filled with cats, and two dogs.

According to the owner, these are stray cats/dogs and the owner will actually feed them and take care of them.
Upon entry we were told to pay NT100 per head for entrance fee.
The thing about this entrance fee is kind of like a "guarantee" that you will make purchases at this cafe.

Now how does this work?
Say you pay NT100 for the entrance.
If you ordered a drink that cost NT150, the NT100 will be off-set from the price of the drink so you will have to top-up another NT50 to get the drink.
It's quite a clever idea of the shop owner I think. ;)


After spending some time at the cafe, we walked to DanShui to visit the old shops and the pier (渔人码头).

It was quite sad that it was raining that day - such a spoiler.
Cos of the rain, the numerous stalls of 小吃s weren't open.
So we could only visit the shops there instead.

We visited many shops, selling Iron Eggs and little souvenirs.
Don't leave Danshui without trying the Iron Eggs (鐵蛋), as I was told.
But honestly, I'm not big fan of those eggs.
I didnt like the "very herbal" taste it has.
I still prefer the tea leaf eggs hehe.

Visited an old school sweets/biscuits store too, and managed to get some candies/treats I used to have as a kid.
Nostalgic much. :D

Ended the trip at Danshui eating the very famous fishball soup at the famous Ah Ma fishball (魚丸)/Ah Gei(阿給) store.
Didnt manage to eat the ah gei as I was quite full from the soya beancurd we had at another store.

I swear the fishball soup is goooooooood!
The fishball is not like those we normally we have in SG.
It has some meat wrapped inside the fishball which reminds me a little of xiaolongbao cos of its juiciness!
This store has a super long history for its yummy fishball/ah gei and has many media coverage too.

(I forgot the name but if you are at Danshui do ask around for the famous AHMA 魚丸/阿給 store.
It also sells pork buns fyi!)

Went to this oldschool arcade centre thereafter.
Each game only cost us NT10 (approx S$0.40)?!?
We had some fun and hub was going around trying to break the records for those 'whacky whacky' game hahaha.
And I only managed to hit 1/3 of his score :X

It was super cold that day, I think 14'C?
Plus it was raining. :(
I had to go back to the hotel to borrow hub's leather jacket haha.
But it was a good trip to Danshui afterall.

Headed back to the hotel at around 5+ in the evening to get more money (hehehe) to head to SHILIN night market once more!

Simply love that place!
We visited ShiLin thrice during our 7-day trip at TW :D

Had all the foods I love - Smelly tofu, hub's fav chicken chop, jidanzai, etc etc!
Food there is simply yummy and oh how I miss TW :(

Bought more stuffs back this time and back to the hotel at around 12+ to rest after such a long day :D

心服口服! :D


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