Taiwan Trip : travel-log - Day 4

Taiwan Day 4!


This day was simple - Visited 五分埔 and then to 師大夜市.

To get to 五分埔, you have to alight at Houshanpi station.
Ask for directions because this place is not easy to find.

But before you head there to have a good shop, do try the 鬍鬚張魯肉飯 just right across the street of 五分埔.
This 魯肉飯 stall was recommended by many bloggers and yes, you have to try!
It's yummy - the dishes, soup and the 魯肉飯!

Thinking about it makes my tummy rumble... :(

Okay, on to 五分埔 now.

In my opinion this was the most boring day out of our 7 days at Taiwan.
I was told this place looked like Bugis Street but it's much bigger and there's a lot to buy.
But honestly, not much.

Maybe I'm a fussy buyer but the clothes there were either all looking the same or they are all not suitable to be worn in SG (they were all really super cheap NT200) but I didnt buy much cos they were all either long sleeves or of thick material.

There isn't much 小吃 stalls as we were expecting for a place like that.
If you aren't a very die-hard shopper, do give this place a miss.

Left 五分埔 at around 4+ and back to the hotel for a short rest before we headed out to 師大夜市.

To get to 師大夜市, you have to alight at Guting MRT station and walk there.
Again, ask for directions cos you might need to walk a little distance to get there.

This is another night market with good eats, but slightly smaller.
But for shopping wise it's not as good compared to Shilin, although I bought quite a number of stuffs here too! (:

A good place to go if you have been going to Shilin Night Market too often and want a little change.

After some nomming and walking, we headed back at 12plus to our hotel.
And...zzzz :D

My favourite Day 5 of my Taiwan trip up next! ;)

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