Taiwan Trip : travel-log - Day 5

Taiwan Day 5!

貓空Cable Car - Taipei Zoo - ShiLin Night Market

My #OOTD of the day! (:

Day 5 was one of my favourite day out of all that we had in Taiwan.

Woke up early in the morning to head to 貓空 to take the Cable Car!

From what I read, the entire cabe car journey was 4km from the first station to the last.
(There are 4 stations in total.)
You can choose from the normal cable cars or the dare devils can try the crystal cable cars.
The difference between them is just the flooring - Crystal cable cars (水晶車廂) has transparent flooring which means you can see what's underneath!
I recalled looking diretly down and it feels fabulous to see yourself "floating" on top of such vast greenery :P

Each ride cost around NT50, S$2+ so its relatively cheap.
Took the cable car all the way to Mao Kong Station (貓空纜車網站) which was the end.
Scenery was beautiful all the way down to the city of Taipei. (:

Spotted a few cherry blossoms as we made our way through the roads to find this cute cafe that I've been dying to go to : 貓空間 (Cat got nothing to do cafe)

Cafe spotted and found, ordered a cup of capuccino and a slice of cheese cake to go with it.
Hub ordered his favourite hot chocolate and had a slice of choc cake.

Really adore this cafe to bits for its lovely and soothing music, calming environment overlooking such beautiful scenery and the sweet taste of the cakes/drinks.
The best part is that there weren't many people around when we were that day making it a very quiet and nice place to be at.

:D 我愛貓空間!

Had a little chat with this friendly owner of an adorable blackish-gray poodle, finished our noms and headed back to the gondola station to head to the zoo.

貓空間 Cat got nothing to do cafe
Around 10 mins walk from 貓空Gondola station.
Cafe is located on the left side of the road you are walking towards to.
Stall itself is a strikingly cute design of a minivan.

Alighted at Taipei Zoo Gondola Station (動物園站) and took a shuttle bus from the entrance to the center compound of the zoo.
Most of the animals are quite normal, like those which we can see in the Singapore Zoo.

In comparison of the environment, Singapore Zoo wins hands down.
:p oops - just my personal opinion la.

However the coolest of this trip was seeing these animals :

1) Panda (Sorry la havent got the chance to meet Jiajia/Kaikai yet)
2) Almighty KINGKONG
3) Koala bears :D
4) The 1 month old baby Rhino :')
5) Red Panda (indeed superbly different from the actual Panda!)

Quite a fruitful day, walking around with the map trying to locate the different animals.
Ended the zoo trip at around 5.30pm in the evening and headed back to the hotel to take a little rest before we head to.....SHILIN AGAIN?!? xD

Yup and back to Shilin again and this time I had the BEST SMELLY TOFU there.

I do not know the exact shop name, but if you ask the shop owners of any stores you shop from, try asking for the best smelly tofu (you may want to quote that the shop also sells cold noodles 冷面).
Speaking of which darn it I haven't manage to try 冷面 in Taiwan :(((

Ate/shopped/walked around and ended our day at approximately 12+ feeling really tired.
Back to the hotel and crashed xD

Lalala Day 6 nexttttttttt! (:

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