Taiwan Trip : travel-log - Day 6

Taiwan Day 6!

烏來Hot Spring - Taipei 101 - Room18

Our #OOTD of the day! (:

This day was more of a relaxing day, to try/do things in Taiwan that we never get to do so in SG.(That explains the DinTaiFung dining experience and the Room18 clubbing experience hehehe)

We started the day off with some hotspring, this time at another district named 烏來.
We heard it is also quite a good place for hotsprings compared to the well-known 新北投 district.

This time we chose our hotspring experience at 日月光溫泉.

We chose a private room with sofa set, a mini bar, full toiletries set and even a TV set in the room.
And of course, the hotspring tub :D

Total damage : NT1200 per hour (S$51+)

Comparing its facilities, environment and value, I would highly recommend 日月光溫泉 over our experience at 北投春天酒店 Spring City Resort.

Reasons :
1) This one at 日月光 has a view of a river and outside scenery, while at 北投春天酒店 it is nothing but a private secluded room with enclosed windows (or rather when you look out it's actually a big water tank).
2) This one at 日月光 has full toiletries set, a mini-bar & facilities/luxury of a hotel room having a tv set and a sofa set, while at 北投春天酒店 it is just a hotspring tub with full toiletries set.
3) They are of the same price, but if I can have a nicer view while having my hotspring experience and a bigger room at the same expense, of course I would prefer 日月光 over 北投春天酒店.

However there is a con here.

To travel to 日月光, you have to take a cab from 新店MRT station, which cost NT400 (S$17), quite expensive if you are going in a pair or alone.
For us we were quite lucky to have met another couple also wanting to visit that area that day so we plucked up the courage to ask them if we could share a cab together.
So each of us paid NT100 to get there.

There is also a bus to 烏來district, but because it was freezing cold that day with rain, thus we chose to take a cab instead.
Please ask the MRT personnel for directions and help there. :)

日月光溫泉SunMoonLight Hot Spring

After that can you guess where we went?? :D

Back to the hotel for a rest hehehehehe :p

We rested for approximately 2-3 hours (also packing at the same time) and headed out for our dinner at.....TAIWAN'S 鼎泰丰!!!!

Food was awesome as I expected it to be, but the queue was really long!
We waited for approximately 20 minutes before we could get a seat.

We ordered :
- Ma-Jiang Mian 麻醬麵
- Shrimp Fried Rice 虾仁蛋炒饭
- 10 pcs Xiao long bao 小笼包 (awwwww *watery eyes*)
- 5 pcs Red bean dumplings 豆沙小笼包 (awwwww *HUGE-ASS watery eyes*)
- Stir-fried A vegetable 清炒A菜 (I swear I have no idea what is this)
- Braised beef soup 红烧牛肉汤


Total damage for so much food : NT1000 (S$42+)
I swear its much cheaper in TW!

Dont accuse me of eating like a greedy pig okay!
Most of the food were finished by.....HUB :X *points accusatory finger at him*


And after our HEAVY meal, we decided to head to CLUB LAVA.
Was contemplating to go or not because I was having my....大姨妈 -.- (Yea it came right after eating dinner cool right)

But anyway, headed to CLUB LAVA to check it out first.
....only then to realise I didnt bring my IC out. (HAHA HOW CLEVER AM I)

So yup, we cabbed back to the hotel to get it and since I'm having my period, I changed to shorts for the night.

In the end we forgo the idea of CLUB LAVA and headed to ROOM18.
It wasnt bad, but wasnt good either.

I mean, a couple at a club in a foreign country, how great can it be?
Haha so we had some drinks (I forgot how much was the entry fee but it was slightly cheaper than CLUB LAVA's) and we headed back once I felt tipsy and high LOL

BACK TO THE HOTEL (where I had a good time hugging the toilet bowl for yknowwhat) and then shower and SLEEP.

And oh :(
last day next...

I do miss TW.
Will go back again when my kid are born, probably. hehehehehe


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