Wedding boutique ♥

As suggested by my cousin, I went ahead to look at My Dream Wedding for their wedding packages.

Would not comment much on their service yet as I have only been there once so far.
Will be back tomorrow with the HTB to take a look at my ROM dress. (:


It's going to be less than a month to the special day.
I'm feeling the jitters.

But on a side note will be having a bachelorette night with the ladies. (:
Something which I cannot wait. *sly smile*

10th June - 17th June I was in Hokkaido, on a family trip.

Best part of the tour - Strawberry farm!
We get to pluck the fresh strawberries (no pesticide) and eat them right away!
30 minutes " free-flow" hahaha

Look at how happy my Mum was eating and plucking the strawberries!

My super cute and sporting Dad!

Had a great time with my folks.
Probably the last trip as a family before my brother goes overseas to study this year end and before I get married. (':

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