Bridal shower + Goodbye powerhouse♥

The past weekend was a blast.

The sweetest people in my life made the best bridal shower a total success. (:
Gave me sweet surprises, naughty gifts/dares, made me crazy drinks and we took awesome pictures/polaroids.

C, Daph and Soggy came and it was a pleasant surprise, sweetest too as I totally wasnt expecting it.
Of cos, Ling, Laine and Crest though didnt surprise me with their presence cos I was already expecting them but did a good job in doing the "cover-up" for the rest.

It was the best party EVER.
Most shots are confidential so I shant post them hehe.

Here are the lovely polaroids with the awesome bunch.
My 7-1 bridesmaids(NY is in the US :( ) and Tan Soggy the slut :D

My favourite people <3

Carol HOT, thanks for coming back<3 love you muahs

The sweetest and loveliest girlies one can ever have

The ladies and I :D

My pretty cousin aka the MOH<3 Love you la sister<3

Mr Slutzxzzxz Tan Soggy heehee <3

The outfit I'm supposed to wear, but incomplete without the BATHROBE

Erm that's cake.. :D

I like this shot best even though when the balloons actually says, "Just Married" and you cant see it.

Thanks for making it happen, every single one of you <3

Felt so love.
嫁出去都甘願! :D


Powerhouse is relocating.
No more powerhouse, heard new place will be at District 1.

Quite sad as there were many memories for the hubby, my friends and I.
The hubby-to-be and I actually met there back in 2009?
Only got together in 2011, and realised we met when we were 6 years old (at my cousin's birthday party) last year Sept so technically we've already met ages ago HAHAHAHA

Good memories, bad memories, sad memories and happy memories :D

A pic of C and I before the party

My #ootd for the night

6 more days to the Big day (:

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