Move on...

Hi all :)

I very much want to share every single thing about the ROM but I don't have pictures yet.
Would bore you guys to death without any pictures so be patient and wait for pics okay?

Anyway just an update on something happy : our house is on the way :)

We are collecting the keys this month end, but we can't renovate till the seventh month is over :(
Oh wells.

Two big events coming our way, the house and the customary wedding.
No kids, not yet. Hahaha

Bought some pretty bridesmaid dresses for the ladies, super excited to see them wear it!


About moving on, I guess it's time to really start to let go.
I don't understand myself - did I really try afterall?

For two whole years probably I've always been stuck thinking about the mistakes I've made for the reason why he would leave.
But after so much assurances it seems really true that other than how I looked nothing was really wrong about what I've done.

Digging back to how I have truly felt all these while, it was regret, pain and doubts.
I hated myself for pushing him away, for not trying hard enough, for not being there for him much more than I should.

But then again, perhaps I was already trying too hard.
Perhaps that scared him.
Perhaps cos I've got short hair.
Perhaps I have always been there.

We've spoken about this countless of times and he's got tired of explaining to me : "It was never your fault. I f-ed up. But now I love you, so does it all still matter?"

Does it all still matter?

A lesson learnt, fate still somehow brought us back together, and we've signed a contract of love for a lifetime. :)

It doesn't matter anymore, the past.

In years to come we will see two cute Choo Jrs being brought to this world.
We will have a happy family.
He will be a good father, husband, like how he used to be a good boyfriend.

I love you Hubby :)

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