7 Rules of Life

Saw this on instagram, a post by a friend :

Meaningful, and I feel I need to work on No. 1,6 and 7.

No. 2 - I'm quite a I-really-dont-give-a-fuck-what-you-think person so this doesnt bother me.

No. 3 - this doesnt apply to me though it makes sense...


No. 5 - Smirked at this because of someone...lol.. but yeah whatever it's OVER anyway haha...


It's really true that we own our own lives and dont owe anyone else a living.

If this is our life, then we have every single right to make ourselves happy.
Why bother about people who tries to bring you down/makes you have self-doubts/leave you because "they can no longer take it"
(no matter what kind of bullshit excuses they actually have that doesnt even make any single sense)

It all comes down to




Afterall who's going to be there with you till the end?
Your family.
Okay and maybe, just maybe, a couple of your good friends.

Those people who always claim that no matter what "they will be there", writing you long messages/passages/texts
telling you how much you mean to them but when shit happens just slap
their butts at you and walk away, and people whom just leave you just cos
they feel like it, are the people whom will give you the wakeup call,
telling you who are the real ones that are by your side,
the forever and always.

So in conclusion, I was hurt before, I was crying, upset and had so much of self-doubts.
But it all just made me realise these people are really such a waste of my time.
From the start till the end, shit happened time and again yet I chose to keep mum and let it all go.

Now it all made sense.
It wasn't something I could keep anyway right from the start.
Glad it's all over and to be honest I'm kinda happier now, finally being able to BE MYSELF.

Rant mode off, done. (:

Will be back again bye xx

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