Love is everywhereeeeee~~

So many things happened recently and I'm totally in love with 2014 with all the good things happening so far. :D

First up..

A pic of the two sleeping-and-lovable male species in my home

Kidding luh just a pic I thought is quite funny to share.
Cookie sleeps ANYWHERE.
On top of our heads (on our pillows), underneath our thighs (-.- yea I know), floor, beside the leg massager, sofa, kitchen storage shelf, anywhere really.
Heh heh.

Moving on...

Painting on a canvas for the new house :D

I know I know I know.. I have been saying like thousands of times (#exagerrating) that I want to post an entry regarding my new house.
Soon soon :p

Anyway I was talking about painting.
Honestly we were brooding over what to paint, what design, etc.
It's not easy okay.
Something that fits our house yet something not too complicated.
In the end....

Yea the two lovebirds drawing.
Haha easy and the colours matches our new place.

If anyone of you might be interested, we bought the canvas from Spotlight and the paint used is Acrylic paint from Popular Bookstore. :D


Went over to AJ's place that day, and the sweetheart cooked lunch for me :D

She went like, "It's healthy okay! No salt, no oil one."
Hahaha so cute la. It was really yummy and satisfying. :D

And her house is always noisy filled with her scolding (hahaha), a little birdie's chirps and two doggies' barking.

Top right - Baby sweetie, Top left - Berklee the naughty boy, bottom left would be CHIYO *high-pitched-voice* hehe and bottom right is a belated xmas gift from Ms AJ herself <3

Fruitful and happy day :D


Saturday - Photoshoot, collection of wedding invitations/photographs & MOOKATA

On the way to the photoshoot for @shopdiygalore!

This time their collection will launch after CNY in lieu to Vday, so all of you lovely ladies out there do look out for their upcoming collection for their self-manufactured cut-out cap sleeves dress (3 colours) and also their exclusive romper design (2 colours)!

Wedding invitation cards are here :D
Cant really see clearly but there are some nice embossed floral design at the top part. Those whom you know who you already are, be prepared to receive your share of this red bomb soon hehe

And not forgetting our wedding photos which I really super love <3

The rest are on facebook, feel free to view (:
Thanks to MDW for these pretty pictures, Winson and Casey for their photography skills and help, Zoey for her incredible MU skills and the coordinator who helped put everything together for us.

Dinner at Mookata @ Thomson on the same day!

First ever time in my life that I tried this.
It wasnt as nice as I expected.
Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying this restaurant's not good, just that I just basically dont like the idea of grilling my food over hot plate over your soup, meaning the oils/meat juices and what not all just flow down to the soup where you drink it.

Yea no I dont like this idea.

I prefer clear soup and hot plate as two separate dishes, call me boring and plain but yea.
Overall my rating for this restaurant would be good, for their service, their efficiency and food choices.
Can't comment if it's value for money because I didnt eat much (not a big eater ahem) but according to the hubby he said it was well worth it.

$28.90 per pax (excl GST + Svc charge) for weekends, you get to choose most stuffs on the menu.
Would be nice if drinks can be included for the buffet.

Huay Kwang Mookata @ Thomson
244R Upper Thomson Rd S'pore 574369
Reservations : 96446256


Sunday - Wedding dinner food tasting @ SCC

Wont say much about this but overall quite a yummy meal.
Looking forward to the actual day itself (:

My #OOTD - OSF's yellow pleated shift dress (too long and I have to have it altered, 4 inches off)

Hot and I at my place.

Didnt manage to take any pictures with my parents and in-laws and everyone there at the dinner ytd, but definitely will spam this blog with pictures of the AD so just wait and see yea :P


Today : Epic hairfur-cut session for cookie

From this...

To this...

I know he looks quite stupid now because of his fur but I really tried my best.
His groomer is fully booked till CNY so I just had to...

It's okay right, all of us will definitely have a day where we have a screwed up haircut.
Today it's cookie's turn hehehe
Dont judge - I love him very very very much!

Done with my rants, can't wait for CNY! :D

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