Braces Journey : X-ray


I have been wanting braces sinces a long time ago (like secondary years) and didnt get to.
I can't afford it - my parents could but they are not those kind that are willing to spend on anything "unnecessary".
To them braces is something that is dispensable.

Now that I am working and finally can afford my own braces..It's time to satisfy my longtime desire.

Part 1 :

Consultation and X-ray!

No pictures from my side but this is how it looks like :

Pretty cool uh hehe

I paid $50 for consultaion and $48.15 for xray.
Won't share on my dental clinic for now until I have started on my braces in July as I want to make sure everything goes well before I start my reccomendation :D

That's it for now on Part 1 update..

Part 2 in first week of June : Teeth scaling :D


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Braces Journey : X-ray

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