Im a lazy pig

Yea kinda.

1.16pm now and I feel like going to bed zz

Wanted to get up to blog last night cos there were so many things running through my mind as I try to sleep.
It's one of the times where you actually hear yourself narrating what you want to blog about for your next entry.

Crazy right.


Anyway yesterday was the worst Sunday?
I stupid went to book a flea market at Punggol for this Baby Fair thingy and there was no crowd at all.
Like not a single human being came to my store to even glance at the clothings.

No I didnt sell kiddish or auntyish clothings.
All trendy, fashionable blogshop stuffs.

F lor.
Waste of my time, petrol to and fro and ugh everything.
And I woke up early just for it FFFFFF


Went to Wheeler's Yard Cafe the 2nd time ytd, but with my family this time round.


It's $4 for a crossiant, not cheap but WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY
Really fab.

Gotta go try it to believe.

What's nice there :

✓ Fish & Chips (There is not too much dough/flour, meaty-fish-yummy consistency
✓ Grilled Chicken (Calorie-worthy dish)
✓ CROSSIANT (A taste of heaven)
✓ Lemon Tart (Not too sweet/sour)
✓ Chocolate Truffle Cake

Sorry not much pictures on the food as we were too hungry and started to dig in before taking proper shots.

Image credit to source

Only downside is that price is on the high side but there is no service charge = self service.
So it sucks if you sit outside and order a lot because you need to go in and out to pick up your food lol

Wheeler's Yard Cafe
28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781
6254 9128

- Going to the gym soon..

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