TGIF for meeeeeeeeee!

Well, because I'm on off day, officially!
Lessons are cancelled and shifted so I FINALLY have one entire day to myself :"'D (tears of joy)

So going to shop later and have some alone time for the day.
And even watching a movie alone.
I'm not emo nemo, it's just something I wanna get off my bucket list :D

I googled watching a movie alone and these came out...

"Pathetic" and "lonely"?
But some people do choose to watch alone cos I think it's kinda theraputic.
Like yay I can finally bawl my eyes out no one will laugh or give a damn.


Yesterday I used the Holika Holika AQUA Petit Jelly bb cream and.... I LOVE IT.

Except the shade 01 was tad too white for me :(

I went over to my mum's and when she saw me she was like "Did you just go for facial?"

Me : "Eh no."

Mum : "你的脸很亮"

Me : *Thinking if its the oily or dewy kind*

Mum : "Like bright, like you just did facial."

Me : "Ohhhhh :D"


So AQUA Petit Jelly gives me a bright and dewy look hehe.
Pictures and swatches up on my blog this weekend okay :D


My body is aching like nobody's business and I'm recently super tired.
I think my period is coming.
Faster come la and the PMS symptons will just go away with it :(

Feeling so lazy bahhhhhh

bye bye :(

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