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Were there ever times you feel independent and empowered and you dont need anybody?

Is this called selfish?
Is being self-dependent and strong-minded a bad thing?


In love and friendship, there will be times when you will feel a strong sense of need or acknowledgement by your lover or close friend.
But it is true, as time goes by we start to think it's okay to not bother too much anymore.

We let go, we feel that we are strong enough to take control.
Or rather, certain things happen in the process and you feel that you dont allow yourself to expect anything from anybody because you just dont want to be disappointed anymore.

I, am having such a strong mindset of these right now.

I feel in control, I feel less dependable on anyone and.. I'm happy with my life.

I have a good flexible job, I look forward to weekends like all my friends but at the same time, I have this strong sense of urge that is exploding.

I feel like going back to a phase I had before and enjoy my life like nobody's business.

At the same time, I know it is not right even though this strong sense of independence and control is really slowly taking over.

Am I insane?
Or am I just tired and I need a break?


There will be so many changes this year.
I just know it.

Till then, xoxo.

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