The time when I can finally sit down and write.

Tbh these few days was really hard, depressing even.
I was quite affected by the fact that something so sudden happened to my F-I-L.

Nevertheless, he is better now and we are thankful and blessed with all those who cared.
Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery and everything will be even better soon.


Some catch-up :

Zouk last Saturday with L.
Was okay, fun only came in the last 1.5hrs or so but not too bad.

Tried M.O.B, but quite sad there isnt much RnB songs mixed by the djs.
So we went back to ghetto again :P

Now you know why I need braces :P

Ew fat cheeks

L :D

I think Thursday?
Cookie went "SWIMMING" hehehe

He met a new friend, the tortoise.
Guess he wanted to say hello so....he jumped in the pond.

It was quite a funny sight, especially when he was frantically trying to get out of the water and wet and soaking from the commotion hehe

Before swimming :D


Spotted his new friends

After realising they belong to two different worlds...........

Stupid looking boy cold and wet after his "swim" hahahaha


He jumped up my brother's bed the other day..the king of the house (Y)


Sorry if there is nothing interesting - I have really been on the lowest of my moods recently so do bear with me...

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