Wounded lips and salted cheeks

So what if I said everything?
Does it matter?
Will anyone really understand?

Because I'm tired of explaining.

No matter what I do will never be enough.
Even when I tried.

They always say talking things out works.
But it doesn't.

Sometimes, or rather, to you, it makes things worst.
I've tried to be there, even when I'm tired and sick.
But ya, I'm not needed, but I have to try.

And now, it's as if I'm the one who is trying too hard.

No matter how I've felt, what I've been trying to do, or the prayers I've said, no one knows or will ever think it's enough.

Why should I try so hard to be part of this when I'm not from the start?
Yes I am not, and I never will be.
Then why am I still here?
Why am I still trying?
Why am I hurting?
Why am I sad?

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