we're overdosing ;

Darn tired seriously.
But the husband is not home yet.

Can anyone believe I'm married?
Sometimes I feel like it's all unreal.

You know the feeling when you are lying down on your bed and you go "Omg yea hell I'm married seriously.
It's not like we are having a stayover and I'm lying beside my boyfriend, we are freaking married and will be lying on this same bed for the rest of our lives.."

HAHAHAHA reality hits me in the face big time.

Nope I dont regret getting married this young - at least not now (unless when we get into heated quarrels/arguments hehe)

Other than house chores I'm happy that I'm married, with a lovely house and supportive family and an awesome boy (cookie!)
No kids for now because I still want to enjoy my life :D


One week of not working out - serious lack of time.
Happy that I managed to do 45minutes of workout today.


I'm quite happy with it and shall get it up and running by mid-june, along with my new URL ☺

Wanna have a glimpse???? :D

Nice nice nice?


I'm wishing my menses come soon.

I have been battling with the on/off period issue for quite some time in the past, years ago.
I'm worried it might be back.
Praying hard I will start having my period in a week or so soon because I am.....17 days late but I'm NOT PREGNANT.



Anyone who might be concerned, my father-in-law is already out of the ICU and is in a very stable condition now.
I'm really relieved and happy about it.

To be honest it kinda gave me a new light on how I see life, and seriously how fragile it really is.
It's really important to know that we should really cherish our lives and live everyday to the fullest even if it sucks.
It's the bad that makes the good, good afterall, right? (If you get what I mean)

Anyway, thanks for all who cared and even came down to visit my F-I-L.
Let's hope that he will be out of the hospital soon altogether ya (:


Over the weekends :

Nothing much just W.39 with the kiddo and the hub.
It's slightly overrated tbh.

I only liked the Red Velvet cake.

We ordered :
- Portobello Mushrooms (Only two mushrooms for the price of $12 is waaaaaaay overpriced I feel)
- Wagyu Burger (Thick burger patty but too rich for my liking, with not much of a serving of fries for $20.50)
- Red Velvet Cake (I really like it, priced at $6.80)

There is service charge too, 10%.

I like it's decor, environment and service is great but I really will not go back there, except for the Red Velvet Cake.

My rating : 2.5 stars out of 5
Value for money : No

Cookie enjoying his time hehe


They are selling all these old-school snacks and I got them for $1.40 in total :D


#OOTD another day - in a high-neck top, white quilted skirt, booties and my fav bag :D

#selfie hehe


There were days we were happy, days we got angry, days we were upset, days we feel loved and cherished and days we just want to give up and walk away.
Thankful that we still tried to make things work♡

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