RSAF Family Day? How about interview with family members?

For those who have next-of-kins in the RSAF as regulars, don't you feel me?

I mean what's the point of having family day outings/workshops/whatever with minimal attendance
(sad to say, unless if it's for things like MOVIES/USS etc, some people would "fully-utilize"
the chance and just show up lor) compared to practical, realistic and
meaningful interviews with family members on voicing out concerns/unhappiness with actual related issues?

Is there any place I can submit a feedback form on this?
Can't take these frustrations anymore seriously.

There's so many things I want to say to my hubby's superiors honestly.

Hope someone sees this and call me in for an interview soon lol.

P/s : I have been told to be discreet about what I write online especially when it's about the RSAF.
Tbh I dont care.
Because there are things to be voiced out and I'm not trying to be immature or create any trouble but
I really have no idea where to seek help from regarding this, as to whom I can speak to who has the
right sense of mind/maturity/state and military rank to help me understand what I need to know.

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