*DISCLAIMER : There are some pictures of the insides of my mouth showing my teeth arrangement which if you might find uncomfortable to view, and also I would like to strong emphasize that my braces is not sponsored and this is just an entry solely to share on my experience and also a diary for me to look back in future when I remove my braces.


Finally I've gotten braces on as I've mentioned in the previous entry.

It's funny how I am imagining myself reading this entry perhaps 2 years down the road and forgetting how I truly felt at this very point of time when I'm writing this entry. Not important but I'm pretty sure I will be smiling from ear to ear reading this and probably remembering how the braces journey was and the things I've been through - can't wait. :D

I honestly thought separators would be the hardest.
Actually no.

The initial days with braces are the most unbearable imo.
Bearable la, I mean, just painful and sore lor.

So far I've felt :
1) The metals rubbing against the insides of my mouth
2) The sensitive and painful feeling of biting food down as I eat.
3) The feeling of not wanting to eat to ็œ้บป็ƒฆ
4) The feeling that my teeth are about to drop off??? lol

So far I've been living by each day on :
- Drinking KOI/GONGCHA honey green tea with grass jelly (MOST AWESOME THING IN THE WORLD)
- Eating baked beans
- Drinking soup
- Biscuit dipped in coffee
- Baby biscuit


Because I can't chew.
I hate the "sensitive painful gum shitty" feeling.
I hate the "metal biting down on two sides of my teeth" feeling.

You get it.

So yah :(

First day :

I remembered walking out of the clinic feeling #likeaboss?
Cos not painful and all and I still proudly took pictures to send to my mum which she disapprovingly said I'm looking quite ugly lol

And I met C (whom claimed she die die must be the first to see me in person in braces) and I felt okay.
Like there isnt pain, just discomfort, and like a bucktooth bunny.
My mouth have this swollen protruding ugly look which I'm quite happy that it's now gone.
(Looked up online that it's quite common for swelling to occur during first 2-3 days of braces as the mouth is still not used to it)

So this was my first picture with her after braces was on :


I was quite moody thinking why suddenly my face become so fat and puffy.
And things like "my life is ruined", "can I go get my braces removed now", "I hate braces damn it", "FML", blah blah.
Just so negative la.

But today I'm proud to say that.........

And so looking forward to my next dental visit to tell the dentist I want the wires to be tighter so I can get them off faster :D heh heh

Okay now on to how the braces are being set-up in your mouth/on your teeth.

2) The dentist will do a little bit of cleaning for you first. (might or might not - mine did)
3) Fix the metal braces on the two upper teeth and two lower teeth at the back so that he can set up the "frame" to hold the wires.
(a little bit of pushing and pulling, some pain for me)
4) Fixing the brackets on every tooth one by one by using some special super glue to hold the brackets. (I'm sorry I forgot which one goes first, wire or brackets.)
5) Attach brackets and wires together.
6) Tie the braces so as to "fix" the wire to the bracket. That's the rubber band colour everyone is talking about which you can choose to change every month.
For a start I chose white, I was hoping for a "I'm-not-wearing-braces-that's-my-teeth" look, thus white. hahaha
7) Rinse and that's about it.

*The process lasted 2 hours.
*The dentist applied gels and stuffs in between which I'm not too sure what are those but they don't hurt.

So after braces :

My lower set of teeth looks like this -

See the front part? Super crooked!!!

My upper set of teeth looks like this -

I really dislike the tiger teeth, and if you can see it's still not yet attached to the wire as the dentist would like to let me get used to the braces first.
Pretty sure next appointment would be fixing it to the wire :D

How much is the cost of my braces?

X-ray : $50
Scaling/Polishing : $50
Extraction of 4 tooth and separators on : $40*4 ($160) + $5 for medication
Braces fixture : $600

Total that I have paid as of now : $865

I am left to pay : $100 per month for two years ( $100 * 24 months = $2400)

So total cost : $865 + $2400 = $3265

Many friends told me it's really cheap.

I'm guessing it's because the rental is split between the dentist and a doctor (The clinic has a dental and a normal medical clinic running together at the same time)

Where is it located?

Life Clinic & Life Dental Surgery
Blk 713 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4052
(At AMK Central, near to NTUC fairprice)

Me doing a test shot in braces with my mouth closed hehe

Being vain as I am, the only concern I have is how to look good when I post for pictures in my braces.
I need someone to teach me how to smile :(

K la that's all folks.
Hope this is of some help to anyone who's interested in having some metal in their mouth hehehe


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