Braces Journey - 2 months update

Hi all!

Here's an update on my braces just shortly after 2 months of having it on....

Remember this?

Day 1 of braces :

Looking back, I cannot believe how crooked my teeth were.
I'm so glad I went ahead with getting braces heh heh.

Went for braces tightening(montly routine throughout the 2 years course of my braces fixtures) , approximately 2 months of wearing braces :

Here's a comparison side by side :

Upper row teeth

Bottom row teeth

My tiger tooth is gone, and my upper front teeth looks so straight now!
Bottom front row still needs some shifting tskkkkkk.
But if you all look closely, my teeth are all shifted inwards, which I feel really did contribute in making
my jawline smaller.

So awesome right.
So happy even though I have so many problems eating so many foods, but nevermind,


Had astons for dinner just now.
So sad I couldn't eat much because of braces tightening especially when it's actually my first meal of the day :(

Nevertheless, have a great weekend everyone! 


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