Hey ho everybody~

How's your weekend so far?

Mine was pretty eventful and helluva funnnnnn!
Here goes~

Saturday : Jones the Grocer + Partying at Planet Jupiter

I was pretty upset we ended up having dinner at Dempsey tbh because I really wanted to do some serious cafe-hopping at Tiong Bahru.
But anyway I wanted to check Jones the Grocer out since a long time ago so yup we had dinner there anyhow.

I was pretty impressed with the environment and place.
It was huge for a cafe/bistro/restaurant and I really like how it makes me feel "out-of-Singapore" when I stepped in.

Really intrigued by it's foreign looking groceries and imports, I kept walking around in circles through their shelves and displays.
I was so amazed I almost wanted to get this.


Super cool right the packaging?
The hub was saying it looks like an urn -.-
Sometimes gotta say shopping with him sucks because he can totally turn my impression of things the other way round with just a remark... (shakes head)

So dinner was :

Hubby's Main : Wagyu Beef Burger with Fries 
Our side order for sharing : Potato Wedges

Mine : Crossiant + Latte!

The beef was rather juicy, but hubby was annoyed for the fact they ignored his special requests to remove onions and pickles.
I didn't like the fries, I thought there was this weird taste? I have no idea why.

Potato Wedges was average tasting, just like normal potatoe wedges lor haha.

I was pretty upset with my Crossiant as it was not crispy but rather hard, they should have toasted it
before serving which they did not.

Prices are not pocket-friendly, but dining at Dempsey Hill, what do you expect?

Service was pretty slow, but the food I must say arrived pretty quick!
We waiting a total of approximately 20minutes to settle the bill.
If you have no time to spare, I wouldn't reccomend this place for a quick meal.

How the interior looks like :


Overall, I'm not too happy with my experience dining there.
So.... I won't be back again unless my friends want to dine there.
I think it willl be good as a chillout spot with friends.

Price - Expensive
Rating - 3 stars out of 5


Where :
Block 9 #01-12 Dempsey Road,
Dempsey Hill
Singapore, 247697

Tel: +65 6476 1512

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm


After that was crazy night out with the guys and new crazy friend G.
We headed to Planet Jupiter Thai Disco (used to be Galaxy last time) at Orchard Plaza.

Let pictures do the talking yup?

Partying once in awhile is actually really rather fun.
And it has to be impromptu.
No idea why :P


Sunday : Gardenasia 

Day out with my family but missing my brother as he had to attend a birthday celebration.
Nonetheless, a great outing!

Anyone of you heard about this place Gardenasia?

Judging by it's name, you know it's a place filled with lush and greenery.

From it's site :

"Gardenasia stands for the beauty of life; as we create an effect on others, we are in turn touched by your smiles. We therefore live a naturally inspired lifestyle.

We play our part in this circle of life by offering a full arsenal of services. Gardenasia first began with a focus on the Corporations. From seminars, trainings and workshops to large-scale dinners, conferences and family days, Gardenasia has been naturally inspiring people, events and venues since 2001. With great thanks to our clients, Gardenasia has had the privilege to now engage the community as a whole – school functions, wedding celebrations, socially responsible activities, and country staycations are now part of our extensive repertoire of services.

With Gardenasia in the picture, you may snuggle up to Mother Nature anywhere on our two hectares, or have us transform your choice location anywhere else. More and more city dwellers are discovering our little secret and have tended towards an easy getaway right here in Kranji. Plus, true to the Singaporean devotion to food (and documenting it), our Bistro’s gastronomical delights set against picture-perfect scenery make quite an image to remember.

For your every need, we have professional teams each handling enamoured wedding couples, curious kids, intrepid travelers and of course, the corporate big boys. Let it be known that we take it upon ourselves to leave no stones unturned; your experience here is our very pride and joy.

Born and bred in one of the world’s busiest cosmopolitan cities, Gardenasia relishes the fact that we get to receive people from all walks of life. So cast away life’s worries for a bit, soak up some golden sunshine and revive your senses with truly fresh air for a change.

Gardenasia will find a way to your heart, wherever you are, even if for a little while.'

Extracted from : Gardenasia's website

This place is located at 240 Neo Tiew Crescent, away from the hustle and bustle of the city/town area of Singapore, near to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

And yes, almost inaccessible if you do not have a car, though there is a bus that goes to that place, which is bus 925. (Please do google for it's bus timings/routes)

This place is huge and has a bistro, farmstay and they do a lot on weddings and corporate events.

I should just show you all pictures right :D

Here they are :

Trying to get the boy to snap a pic!

Hubby was pretty annoyed cos I kept asking him to take #ootd for me hahaha


Failed shot of my #ootd when I look like I'm promoting the bag haha

Inserts heart eyes smiley

Looking like part of the deco hahaha

Can I say this place is just so humongous?!
I would love to check out the farmstay some day.
And Mummy spoke to the boss of this place, a humble man (he didn't dress like a boss when we saw him, but like a worker - really humble guy who had that big smile on his face while speaking to us) who owns this place and told us this place is more popular with couples who love garden weddings.



Okay I should stop it.
It's like half a year ago :O

So we went to the bistro for some food.
I was pretty impressed for the standard of food judging for the fact that this place is not so enormously well-known yet.

They have like different "dens" for each table so dogs can be moving around freely while owners dine!
I love this idea because cookie can explore while we eat and won't disturb us or other people haha

Saying hi to his new friend

Hehe look at Daddy's face!

Aloe Vera Jelly with fruits cocktail.
Not impressed with this - where is the fruit cocktail?
Overpriced at $7

Spinach Portobello Mushroom salad ($12 I think)
Mum loved this so I guess it was worth it?

Rosemary Chicken - Chef's Reccomendation (forgot the price)
I love this!

Daddy's Mee Goreng $15
Super impressed with this dish, I will come back just to eat this lol

Prawn Fritters with Wasabi Mayo $9
Yum yum 

Family photo :D  
Enjoyed this trip here very much!
Especially for the fact there wasn't many people around when we were there so it was really quite slow-paced and carefree being there.


240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718898

Tel : 6898 9111

Opening hours
Monday and Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday and Thursday: 11am – 6pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: 10am – 6pm

Bistro Rating :

Price - Pretty steep, but worth it for it's quality
Rating - 4 out of 5 stars


Rant :

I cannot agree and still stand firm to my principles.
Stay real or don't even start.
If all is just about buttery words and sugar-coating everything, then why did it started out personal in the first place?

Rant mode off -

Have a good week ahead  大家!
An exciting video from me is coming up so stay tuned! :D


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