"Do you want to make a pizza?"~~~

So on saturday the girls came over and I suggested pizza delivery.
Then J wanted to bake, so I further suggested....MAKING OUR OWN PIZZA FROM SCRATCH.

Hehehe sounds fun right?

Ya la we might be unprofessional and all, but we do have Chef Toh with us that day ;)


Nice?? :D

We made two different flavours - chicken + vegs and mushroom + ham with two kinds of sauces - tomato based and salsa based.

We had leftover in the end and decided to make one "rojak" flavour with all the ingredients and 1/2 tomato sauce 1/2 salsa XD

Total we made : 4 PIZZAS

Crazy right!
Cos we had that much ingredients!

A really well-spent Saturday.
Super therapeutic and happyyyyyyyyy


Sunday :

Met this girl and the guys for supper, that's really pretty much all.
And dinner with my parents as usual.

Did housework - the biggest accomplishment that day hahaha

Just sharing -
for those of you whom are in-charge of washing your toilets at home...

USE BLEACH (if you don't already know)

Wear mask when you do, everytime I wash the toilet I almost died of inhaling too much bleach (say real)
But it is so useful can?
I like my toilet bowls and sinks white :D

hehehe damn random but just sharing la ✌

Cookie the grandpa

"Watcha lookin' at?"


This is his classic happy face :D


Monday :


Don't tell me it's over cos it's not!
They have one month to celebrate :D

And so....on this day.....

I baked bread, just because I feel like trying to bake bread and I have some bread flour and dry yeast leftover from the pizza making drama that day hehe.

Looks good right?
But hard as rock -.-''''

We then spent the afternoon shifting....

JUST KIDDING we were packing the storeroom!
Packed halfway and fell asleep on the couch cos I was so tired :(
(And the hubby continued packing.......)

Woke up after that and he was done!

So proud of him leh, he did it himself and told me there were many empty spaces after all that sorting out of everything (:

Ikea/Giant with him after that to get some stuffs for the house.

I've always liked those metallic-industrial looking shelves at IKEA.. so that calls for a shot here :D

Hehehe a happy happy longggggg weekend overall!

I have so many plans this upcoming week too and am super excited already?!

Steamboat with the girls and Saturday date with a friend of mine.

Heee bye

P/s : Updates on BKK Day 3 and 4 soon!
P/s/s : My new shop is almost done, wait for it!

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