Bangkok Travelogue Jul 2014 : Day 2

Bangkok Day 2 -

We woke up at around 11+ because we were so tired.

So we decided to have brunch (there wasnt breakfast included for our hotel stay).
I did some research before going to bangkok on some interesting brunch places and one of them is GASTRO 1/6.

It needs some searching and looking out for so please prepare the address and also a credible GPS(in case the taxi driver don't know how to go - BKK has too many little streets and the should know).


Passed by a primary school when we were on the way to the cafe :D

We took 30 minutes to find this place, and when we reached surprisingly contrary to what I have imagined, this place was actually quite empty at around 11.45am, on a Wednesday late morning.

The surrounding was filled with ferns, plants, and rustic/vintage looking furniture.

Stop are some pictures! :D

Food is hereeeeee!

I think this full American Breakfast was 380baht

All these came with the American Breakfast :D

We also ordered a Pain au chocolat (100 baht if I remembered right)

This crossiant is amazing! (100 baht)

Overall we order one American Breakfast Set, one Crossiant and one Pain au chocolat.

Yummy, though price is comparable to that of Singapore's, but serving is generous (at least for me) and really worth it especially the experience of dining at this kind of natural beautiful environment.


This wall kinda fits his colour and outfit right :P

Saw this temple/hugh altar while walking to Platinium mall

Look at the traffic!


Up up up the escalator to Platinium mall~~~

What can you expect?

I had a total of 3 hours of shopping at Platinium Mall because there are 6 levels with different sections of apparels, accessories, makeup, bag, etc etc to shop there!

HOW TO GO : WALK FROM EITHER SIAM BTS OR CHITLOM BTS (Mall is in the middle of both stations)

Left 3 hours later and...

Pratunam Night Market!

Too tired to walk so we settled for drinks and food :P

One of the best thing one should eat at BKK!

The hubby's favourite :D

These are some yummy quail eggs!

After shopping at Platinium Mall, we headed back to the hostel for a shower, and then off to KHAOSAN ROAD (all time fav!) :D


And guess what!
We found the Pad Thai shower cap uncle that was here 2 years ago, the exact same spot, selling the exact same thing.

This was 2 years back!

Two years later... :D

Pad thai still tastes awesome but the uncle seemed happier two years ago..heh

And the night just started....

Us a-midst all that craze...

Walk, eat, walk, eat...


Fishball thingy!

Last shot before we leave...

Love this bracelets we bought there for approx 200baht each!

HOW TO GO : Just take a cab, it's quite far from the central area (:
OPENING HOURS : 1830-0200 Daily


Updates on Day 3 again over the weekends :-*

Enjoy planning your Bangkok trip!♥

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