Bangkok Travelogue Jul 2014 : Day 5

Ho heyyyyyy~

Oh dear this is a very very belated blogpost aye?
Heh heh

Alright so before I continue, just wanna share something yummy with you all!

So happy there's a 7-11 just 1 minute from where we stayed because they have this!!

Ate this almost every single day cos it's damn yummy!
It is a sandwich with cheese and sausage, best is that it only cost 25baht and you can get the cashier to toast it for you.
There are other flavors too!

Okay so back to Day 5.


Before we head to Chatuchak Market, we headed to this quite newly opened cafe in that same area (Mochit station to be exact).

It is called Fuel In The Blank.

Words simply cannot paint pictures of how amazing this place looks like so........

I love this so much!!!


Another vainpot :p

Really pretty place, homely and rustic don't you agree?
And I'm surprised on a Saturday there isn't anyone around here.

We had a brownie, a strawberry crepe cake and two drinks.

Prices are not exactly very cheap if I remembered correctly (for bangkok that is).

FitB is a family business, and somehow I'm guessing that the family actually lives up at the second floor.
I'm really impressed and enjoyed my time spent there.
If you are going to Chatuchak, why not drop by this really cool cafe to chill out either before or after your shopping trip?
You will never regret because it is just so distinctive and I bet you will not see a cafe like this anywhere else (at least for now).

But do note that they DO NOT serve main courses, only desserts.

Fuel in the Blank
Address :
Soi Ngam Wong Wan 54 Yaek 3
Bangkok, Bangkok 10900
Opening hours :

Best for : Desserts & Chill-out

After eating, we headed to CTC market for shopping.
There was a downpour and it was quite mood dampening.

We left at around 3pm and headed to Siam Square to walk around for a little while till it's time for dinner :D

We went to the famous SOM TAM NUA at Siam Square Soi 5.
For anyone who might be confused, Siam Square is not a shopping centre, rather like a few shopping streets that is within an area.

There are other branches of Som Tam Nua but I guess the Siam Sq one is more accessible?

The other branches

The menu

Some pork ball soup

Mango Salad (What they are famous for!)

Fried Chicken Dish - love it! Must try!

All we ordered

Do go there at around 5-6pm for an early dinner to beat the long dinner queue that usually starts after 6pm.

Som Tam Nua
Address :
Siam Square Soi 5
Opening hours :
10:45 am – 9:30 am

Best for : Dinner and Authentic Thailand Food


After dinner, back to the hotel room to put all the shopping bags down (phew) and showered to go for our second round at the Train Market.

First stop :


This fish was gooooooooooooood!

Shopping/Jalan time!!

What is mugen uh? The husband is so intrigued by it? Enlighten me someone -.-

Can I say I love this so much? I would totally buy this back if it were in SG.

I really love the Train Market so so much.
This second time here throughout this trip was really worth it.
We stayed till around 12+ this time (it wasn't raining this time and because it was Saturday so the shops were opened till later).

Had tea/drinks at this cute vintage looking "coffee-stall" before we headed back for our much needed rest lol.


Back to the hotel room and....

Buay ta han -.-


I will update on Day 6 again, probably tomorrow.


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