"Where I belong~ Where I keep my heart and soul~~~~"

Met up for dinner and watched NDP together with the girls last night because the hub had some duty to fulfill (the flying of all the f15s la, he has to be there to make sure for standby in case of aircraft defects)

Had Ichiban Boshi.
Felt that it is kinda overrated.
But meh at least I had my jap curry rice.


Tbh last night's parade I thought was a little.... weird?
I don't like the pop-art theme leh.
Very wayang.

This year's national day song -.- cmi

Nothing beats the old stuffs, like "Home" (damn authentic hair will stand everytime I hear it) and "Where I belong".
Really my favorites.

Super in one lor last time during national day period you can even hear your fellow schoolmates humming or singing when buying food in the canteen.

I thought last night's fireworks was really nice!
The idea of shooting it close-up and on tv is so so so awesome la.
Did you all see?

Looks a bit fake yes but so up close like in your face kind?
(Y) I like

Speaking of that LKY looks so old and frail.. kinda funny how it hits me hard he's already 90.

Glad he was able to make it for this year's celebration because I read online on how he missed some events due to ill-health. Stay strong and healthy Mr LKY!

Always have this sense-of-belonging especially on this day, and have the "tears-welling-up-in-my-eyes" and "hair-stand" feeling when I watch the parade live of everyong singing the national anthem and saying the pledge.

HAPPY 49TH BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE♥ Even though I always complain about this and that (high-cost of living and transport wise in particular), I am still thankful that I'm a Singaporean and part of one and always will be!

Photo credits to google


Some pictures from last night.

Jov helped to curl my hair for me.
Not bad quite nice, I like (Y)


I have decided to start a youtube channel doing some tutorials and sharing with you all certain stuffs as I have been receiving emails and requests to do tutorial videos.

Do let me know if you all have any thing in mind that you all might want me to do tutorials on ♥

Aite gotta gooooooooo BYE!

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